Punjab Launches Free WiFi Hotspots In Three Cities

Now for the first time in Pakistan, Punjab has inaugurated Free public Wifi network hotspots in three cities of the province.

Almost 192 hotspots are launched by Punjab Information Technology board in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan. There are five additional hotspots launched at two-kilometre-long Murree Mall Road for internet coverage too.

Over 160,000 internet users for four hours a day would enjoy the free internet services. PITB is also considering introducing more stringent measures to curb the surfing of indecent content. PITB after launching hotspots at pre-decided locations now examining and testing the smooth internet network for users. It’s been considered by PTIB to make internet functioning fast and flawless.

According to PITB Director Information Technology Infrastructure Sajjad Ghani, the project would formally be launched in another two weeks’ time.

Ghani told that provincial government would spent around Rs165 million a year on this project. He said that the project was already operational for testing purposes.

In detail, 115 hotspots were launched at Lahore, 47 in Multan and 30 in Rawalpindi. Some of these hotspots were introduced at recreational facilities including Model Town Park and Jillani Park in Lahore. Also, Jinnah hospitals, Alhamra Arts Council, the airport, railway station, all metro stations and other popular spots would be having services.

Approximate 800 to 1500 users will be served by each hotspot, depending on the traffic at the location. Every hotspot would have four to five access points to provide 100 to 500 meters of internet coverage.

How To Access Free Wifi

He also said that there is a simple registration procedure for everyone to use the internet at any of these points. The information required will only include their name, date of birth, profession and mobile number.

Moreover, he said a registered user would be able to use the internet for two hours in a go on any day. He added that the user would only by providing his or her mobile number can get another two hours. He emphasized everyone would be permitted to use services of four hours a day. The director said they will increase time duration later if the need occurs.

Ghani continued that each hotspot has a screen display which reveals the total number of internet users that will help us know the load on each hotspot. He said that hotspot had 1 MB of connectivity and PTCL is providing its services in accomplishing this project. He highlighted the purpose of installing these internet hotspots is to make communication among people strong and keep them connected.


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