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Slowly but surely, Adeel Chaudhry has claimed a place for himself in the Pakistani media industry. An actor and singer, Adeel is multitalented and has proved his worth and his talent over the years with consistent performances that have wowed his fans all over the world.

Adeel Chaudhry began modeling and starred in several TV advertisements. The 2008 Pakistani drama Yeh Zindagi Hai was his TV debut. Adeel has played romantic guys and antagonists in several TV serials since then.

The MTV award-winning film Kismat Konnection included Adeel Chaudhry’s song “Move Your Body”. His studio albums were two. First, he published Koi Chehra in 2009. His second album, Raat Ruk Jaa, was released in 2013.

Adeel Chaudhry

Adeel started his career with theater, but that is not what he limited himself to. He also appeared in Indian TV ads, signed with Tips Industries Limited and even appeared in a couple of Bollywood movies and a Pakistani movie as well. He has two albums to his name and his talents are best showcased there.

Here is his complete biography with a closer look at his career, life and more.

Biography of Adeel Chaudhry


Adeel Chaudhry was born on 15th June, 1988 in Kharian, Punjab. Currently, he is 33 years old and his zodiac sign is Gemini. Although he was born in Kharian, he grew up in Canada and to this day, he spends some months in Pakistan and Canada. Currently, he lives in Karachi to pursue his career as an actor, model and singer.

He is 5 feet 10 inches long, which is considered to be a good height according to the Pakistani societal standards. Adeel is respected in the industry for his work ethic and respectful attitude. He prefers to do roles that are meaningful and have central importance in dramas.

Family and Parentage

Not much has been revealed about Adeel Chaudhry’s family. It is still unknown what his parents do, who they are and how many siblings does he have. He has kept his family away from the media eyes.


Adeel Chaudhry comes from a humble background who valued education over everything else. After getting his early education from Kharian, Adeel moved to Lahore to complete his higher education. He is a dentist by profession and completed his education from the prestigious King Edward Medical University in Lahore.


Adeel Chaudhry is single at the moment. He stays away from controversies and focuses on his acting career and singing career more than anything else. When the time is right, Adeel will share his relationship with the rest of the world.

Becoming an Actor

Adeel Chaudhry started his acting career with a theater play named KUKAR. After that, he appeared in a number of commercials for Pepsi in India. He has appeared in a number of dramas and films. He is one of the few actors from Pakistan who have worked in India as well. He has released 2 full albums as well.

Here is a complete list of dramas and movies he has appeared in as well as all of his albums.

These are the albums Adeel Chaudhry has released.

Album Label Year
Koi Chehra TIPS 2009
Raat Ruk Jaa TIPS 2013


Here are all the movies Adeel Chaudhry has appeared in.

Year Movie Character
2014 Bhaangarh Shakti
2016 Rhythm Rohan
2018 Maan Jao Naa Faris


Here are all the dramas that Adeel Chaudhry has appeared in so far.

Year Serial Role Network
2012 Yeh Zindagi Hai Kamal AKA Kam Geo Entertainment
2014 Kaisay Tum Se Kahoon Mansoor Hum TV
2014 Dharkan Zaaran
2014 Hiddat Adnan Geo Entertainment
2014 Dil-e-Bekhabar Moiz A Plus TV
2015 Zinda Dargor ARY Digital
2018–2019 Yeh Ishq Hai Samir
2019 Mohabbat Karna Mana Hai Bol Entertainment
2019 Bharosa Pyar Tera Mikaal Geo Entertainment
2020 Munafiq Armaan
2020 Bandhay Aik Dor Say Nabeel
2020 Uraan Asim
2020–2021 Main Agar Chup Hoon Ahad
2021 Faryaad Haroon ARY Digital
2021 Fasiq Mutahir Geo Entertainment
2022 Roag Hum TV


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