All about Momina Basit – The Youngest Hardworking Candidate of PTI from KPK


Everything You Need To Know about The Youngest Candidate of PTI Momina Basit…!

Pakistan General Elections 2018 were conducted on 25th July before some days ago. Many parties participated in these elections. The winning party among all parties is Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). In this party there is one of the most pretty and youngest candidate girl of PTI is Momina Basit from KPK. Momina Basit is the President Hazara Region women wing PTI and Youngest Candidate in the party. Momina is also included in the list of PTI’s reserved seats of women.

Momina Basit

All about Momina Basit

Momina Basit lives in Abbottabad KPK and she joined Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). PTI Hazara divisional president and political adviser Zargul Khan had selected Momina Basit of Abbottabad as the divisional president of party for Hazara division. After running a relentless election campaign in Khyber Paktunkhwa’s Hazara region, PTI leader Momina is all set to become member of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.

PTI’s President of Hazara Region Woman did not contest the general election, she is among the list of female party leaders for reserved seats. Now Momina Basit elected as the MPA in Provincial Assembly KPK.

Momina deserved the office of the PTI divisional president as she had worked really hard for the party for many years. She said she would ensure the expansion of the women`s wing across Hazara.

Momina Basit

Momina’s Popularity in Public

Due to her simplicity and beautifulness she is become more popular in public. Momina Basit visit many different polling stations on election’s day. She shared her photos from polling camps in Abbottabad region to encourage the workers and supporters.

Momina During Visiting Polling stations Momina During Visiting Polling stations

Tweets about Momina Basit

Momina Basit really looks so beautiful and elegant. Many people said her as their crush due to her beauty. Therefore, she become more popular among people.

Public Crush

Many said Momina is the Youngest Hardworking Candidate of PTI from KPK elected for MPA seat. The supports and fans of Momina Baist congratulated her on this great achievement and success.

One tweet from her public fan that you need to see is as:

Momina is so beautiful oh my god! She’s the youngest candidate of PTI from KPK, elected for the MPA seat.

Momina Basit Twitter Fans

Another tweet you need to must see is as:

PTI is going to have beautiful people in Provincial & National Assembly.


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