Twitter Comes for Adnan Siddiqui for Mocking Sarfaraz Ahmed


Sarfaraz Ahmed wasn’t treated well and Twitter isn’t having it. It seems like trouble is seeking out Adnan Siddiqui these days. Earlier this month, the veteran actor got caught in a controversy with Aamir Liaquat when he made some insensitive jokes about the recently deceased Indian actors.

Now Siddiqui has come under the line of fire of Twitter mongers as they line up to defend former Pakistani cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed. During the recent live Ramzan Transmission, Adnan Siddiqui mocked Sarfaraz Ahmed and the general public is not having it.

What Really Happened?

It happened during the recent episode of Jeeto Pakistan in which Fahad Mustafa invited Adnan Siddiqui and Sarfaraz Ahmed to participate in the game show. During the heat of things, the two celebrities were playing a verbal tug of war and Siddiqui crossed the line.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor mocked Sarfaraz for stuttering and the general public was not having it. It is a rude awakening for Siddiqui who took to his Instagram to share his disappointment with Aamir Liaquat for his verbal slip. Now Siddiqui is accused of doing the same thing.

Although at the moment, the audience laughed and Sarfaraz let that go, the general public is not so happy. People have taken to Twitter to share their displeasure over the inappropriate joke. Several of the people think that Siddiqui’s act was “ugly,” “insensitive” and “below the belt.” People are calling him out for disrespecting a national hero and Sarfaraz Ahmed is the pride of the country.

Some people went ahead and brought out clips from the show to reveal that Siddiqui had been misbehaving with Ahmed at every given opportunity. Sarfaraz Ahmed remained the better man and ignored his words the best he could.

The general public is now demanding a public apology by Adnan Siddiqui. They want his to show respect to the natural heroes of Pakistan and apologize to Sarfaraz Ahmed. Will Siddiqui do this? No one knows, but it impossible for him to not be aware of the backlash he is receiving from the public for his actions on Jeeto Pakistan.

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