Advertising companies tracking your mind through gadgets


Advertising is a vast field to cover, as every consumer has a different way of thinking about the specific product. The advertisers may get an idea through the consumer’s behavior but it remains an idea. For selling the products advertisers always try to experience different methods on to the consumers. But now they will exactly get to know why you are buying this product and what are you up to? How this product encourages you to buy? Which thing attracts you to this specific product? The advertisers are trying to get into your subconscious mind and get to know which thing let you decide to purchase it. The advertising companies are tracking your mind and eye movements by their gadgets, track your anger, capture your facial expressions of approval and the sensors in that will track your mind too. The companies will use this technology to get the raw information of the customer’s behavior towards the product.

It is said that the buying decisions have been made by rational and emotional factors of the consumer and this technology or gadgets are helping in tracking those factors.

“People won’t be able to tell you that something irritated them in scene three or thrilled them in scene seven, but we’ll know from looking at the facial coding,” Moses said, the chief executive of neuro and behavioral science. “Ultimately there is a dance between the conscious and unconscious,” Moses said, noting that “in order to actually buy a product, you have to make a conscious decision.”

The eye testing through the gadget will let the advertisers know on which thing eyes stays for a long time and what the customer is seeing through the glass. This technology is the big revolution in the advertising world and helping the huge companies at the greater level in selling their products.

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