The shutdown of thousands of websites in China


There are many of the countries who shut down websites every year due to the several violations. Although China has shut down almost 13,000 of websites since 2015 due to the violation of internet rules and regulations it is said that after the arrival of President Xi Jinping in 2012 they have restricted the internet rules a lot which is making the websites banned. However, it is not only reserved for websites but they also have banned almost 10 million social media accounts or other accounts in the term of violating the rules.

In this current era technology has become the vast medium and also utilizing by every person throughout the world. But according to the research news, China has the most strict rules towards internet usage which also restricting the command or access of its people all over the world. In China, each website needs the registration from the authority and must be responsible for the content on a website and if they violate the rules the website would be banned and fined as well. Furthermore, no popular social media sites have been working in China like Facebook, Twitter, Google and the New York Times as well.

Meanwhile, the only way to get access on the internet without restriction is VPN, which allows the user to get access but this is too illegal in China and the authorities also cracked down this illegal way out. According to the law of China, the person who distributes the services of VPN illegally will get the prison for five years.

This is called cyber sovereignty and China has made a long list of rules in using internet which might affect it in several ways in future if it continues doing this. It has made this censorship for the sake of its national security.

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