Alternative Ways for Mall Road for 3 Months

The Lahore is going to have the big project of Orange Line Metro Train started in 2016. Due to this Metro Train project, many of the heritage of Lahore got disrupted which includes Shalimar Gardens Gateway, Buddha ka Awa, Chauburji, Zebunnisa Tomb and Lakshmi building.  It was promised to be launched on the Independence Day but due to the extension from Dera Gujjran to Chuburji, it took too much time. As we know the project stopped and Supreme Court finally grants the permission for construction and directs them to save the ancient heritage with shields during construction there.Here is the bad news for the Lahories that for the sake of construction the Mall Road which is the crowded road will be blocked for 3 months.

It will continue from January to March 2018 and the traffic police have declared the alternative ways for three months.

Officials said, “I believe metro train will be ready from Dera Gujjran to Lakshmi Chowk by the end of March 2018. The most difficult and time-consuming section of Package-1 is central station for which we will have to close Mall Road for all types of traffic.”

Alternative Ways

  • From Regal Chowk, the traffic will be sent to Fane Road.
  • From Fane Road, it will go to Lower Mall.
  • From Lower Mall, it will be diverted to Napier Road.
  • From this diverted road, it will re-enter Mall Road Lahore High Court Chowk.

Not only the traffic but the other utilities will also be affected. LESCO, WASA, PTCL, and SNGPL companies have to relocate their lines to avoid any damage during construction. The machinery has already reached to the particular site to start the project and meet the deadline. Orange Line Metro Train Project caused many difficulties to people like this is the crowded city but the Lahore is expected to get the best thing at the end.

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