Android War: Microsoft to kill Windows Phone

Microsoft has finally decided to kill the Windows Phone. After 17 years of struggle, Microsoft is to shut down its operating system. Microsoft’s Windows division head revealed that company has no future plans to introduce new features or smartphones. The decision was made due to less number of users.

Company observed the lack of users for its phones and apps, keeping in view Microsoft has decided to stop introducing new features or smartphones for its Windows 10 mobile. Since 2000, Company is introducing many smartphones and the most recent one was introduced in 2015 i.e Windows 10. However, company has observed that Windows 10 is no more a priority to public.

Joe Belfiore, the Corporate Vice President of Windows 10 & Head of Microsoft’s PC-Tablet-Phone division disclosed via his Twitter account that company will keep on supporting the handsets of Windows 10 and will keep check on its security updates and bug fixes but there will be no more features or hardware.

Belfoire tweeted that reason behind the failure of Microsoft’s phones is less support from the developers of apps. He added that due to low volume of users, many companies denied to invest.

Windows tried hard to sustain its place in the market just like android and iOS devices. According to report by Gartner, in 2016 only 1.3 percent of Microsoft phones were sold out in US market. Whereas android phones are dominating the market with the sale percentage 64 & iOS with 34 sale percentage.

Earlier, Microsoft introduced the phones from the Microsoft Lumia line. In 2016, the licence right were sold out by Microsoft to Nokia products. Since last twenty years, Microsoft is best known in the PC industry but failed to meet with the requirements of public in its phone industry. With each passing time, demands are also growing. Due to the least number of applications, Microsoft attracted very few Windows Phone users.

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Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar is a graduate in Psychology and has been professional content creator with over seven-years of experience. She has been engaged in providing high-quality content. Additionally, as a part of her education, she is a highly qualified psychologist who specializes in providing psychological therapies to keep the mind of people at peace.
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