Microsoft Announces its Plan to Launch Windows 3D

Microsoft has just announced its plans to make three dimensional virtually reality available for all. Sales of Microsoft computing business have declined since 2015, they have decided to jump back in with some cool new stuff.

With this, users will be able to model 3-D objects on their Windows phone and desktop computers. Microsoft will release a Windows 10 Creators Update, using that users will be able to enter a replica of original world and see how new things fit in.

As three dimensional virtual reality is more expressive, comprehensive and closer to reality, Microsoft aims to provide people with an environment that will help them see what they want to see.

General Manager of Microsoft, Megan Saunders, said, “We are going to be living in more of a multi-dimensional world, so we are just looking at how we can more quickly kind of jump-start and help people move in that direction“. It will also act as a preservation tool, you can create something in reality, take a picture of it, make it 3-D and store it in your device. Now even if you lose the original thing you created, you can always look at image you stored and cherish over memories. It is also one of Microsoft’s aims.

This will be pretty much a beginner level at first. All you got to do is download Paint 3D, of course after its release, take picture of anything you like, import it in paint and play with it. What they have done is, they have integrated 3-D community with Paint, there are already created objects, you can just put them on your picture, adjust them to your needs just like that and see them in 3-D.

Let’s wait till the update is released, we will find out how it will benefit Microsoft and its users effectively.

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