Babar Ali Reveals How Ranbir Kapoor Is Stealing His Look In Animal Movie

The Pakistani entertainment business is well-known for Babar Ali. He became famous as an actor after starring in hundreds of box office hits and then began to focus on dramatic roles. Currently, we can see him in Namak Haram, and he is delivering smash drama after hit drama.

Ranbir Kapoor is well-known in Bollywood and has a large fan base in Pakistan. He is currently riding high on the success of a major movie. His character and appearance have gone viral. And animal movie ranbir kapoor is raking in millions across the globe. A lot of people have talked about the topic of Animals, and it has a large audience as well.

The appearance of Babar Ali

An innovator in the world of fashion, Babar Ali is instantly recognizable by his characteristic style. Which defined by an ideal fusion of refined edge and rugged individuality. It would appear that Ranbir Kapoor has immersed himself in this world of fashion, capturing the spirit of Babar Ali’s legendary look.

Fashion Theft

Kapoor has done an excellent job of emulating Babar Ali’s basics, which range from fitted suits to casual clothes. A painstaking attempt made to embody Ali’s style through the selection of costumes. Ensuring a smooth transfer to the big screen.

Changing Hairdo

Ranbir Kapoor

The drastic change Kapoor made to his hairdo for the Animal film is hard to miss. It appears that Kapoor was influenced by Babar Ali’s signature hairstyle, which enhances the genuineness of his performance.

Effect on Viewers

The visual effect of Kapoor’s style progression is sure to delight Babar Ali and Bollywood lovers as the public impatiently anticipates the release of Animal. The cinematic experience about to be taken to the next level with the fusion of two unique yet complementary styles.


Kapoor’s performance in Animal honors the dynamic fashion industry and the icons that have shaped it throughout the years, going beyond the confines of the film’s plot. Prepare to enchanted by a fashion show that skillfully blends the eras of two fashion icons.

Iqra Javed
Iqra Javed
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