How Speed Limits Have Changed Over Time In Islamabad

The speed restrictions on Islamabad roads have changed in a rather unusual way. The traffic landscape of the city has been transformed by this strategic effort, which was put into action on December 21, 2023.

Islamabad Highway speed limit is 80 KM/H, which changes to 65 KM/H.

Background Information

To understand why there was such a sudden change in speed restrictions, it is necessary to know where we are historically. The road network in Islamabad has been undergoing continuous improvement to meet the demands of the city’s expanding population and heavier vehicle traffic. Finding a happy medium between accessibility and security has been an ongoing goal for city planners.

Evaluation of the Alterations


A thorough evaluation of traffic trends, accident statistics, and the necessity for simplified urban transportation led to the most current adjustments to speed restrictions. Authorities are aiming to improve road safety and ensure smooth traffic flow by using a data-driven strategy.

Major Shifts and Their Effects

To ensure the safety of residents and pedestrians, speed restrictions in residential zones have been adjusted. People and families residing in these zones will hopefully feel more secure after this modification. The city’s dedication to its inhabitants’ well-being is evident in the new limitations.

Business Areas Islamabad

To find a happy medium between safe driving and productive company operations, speed restrictions in commercial zones have been reevaluated. A more streamlined traffic flow in regions marked by thriving economic activity is the goal of the modifications. Which attempt to alleviate congestion during peak hours.

Major Road Networks

The city’s major arterial routes have had their speed restrictions adjusted to improve traffic flow. The transportation network as a whole stands to benefit from this tactical shift, which should shorten travel times.

A strong public awareness effort has initiated to guarantee that drivers will experience no disruptions during the changeover. This campaign aims to educate the public about the new speed restrictions and their relevance through the use of informative signs, digital communication channels, and community participation activities.

Green Transportation Programs

With the new speed limits in place, Islamabad is also pushing for more eco-friendly modes of transportation. The city’s efforts to promote electric automobiles, bike lanes, and public transportation are in line with its goal of creating a greener city.


Islamabad has taken a giant step toward achieving a balance between mobility and safety with the recent revisions to its car speed restrictions. An exhaustive analysis of the causes of these shifts, the modifications implemented in individual zones. The long-term plan for the nation’s capital’s public transportation system redesign presented in this article. Speed limit modifications in Islamabad are a reflection of the city’s commitment to public welfare . And advancement as it becomes a smarter and safer metropolis.

Iqra Javed
Iqra Javed
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