#BanShahidMasood is Trending on Twitter | Zainab Murder Case

Shahid Masood is the famous senior anchor person on Pakistani News channels. He worked on various news channels though currently, he is working on NewsOne channel. Recently, in his live show, he shared some secret information about Zainab Murder case. According to his information, the suspect Imran Ali who is in under custody and in judicial remand for 14 days is involved in child pornography racket. He claims that he has some evidence about the criminal, who has almost up to 4 bank accounts with his name where he got foreign currency from different countries.

Right after breaking this news, all media channels and other officials stood against him. He submitted his evidence of bank records after Judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan which are currently under discussion. According to Dr.Shahid Masood Imran Ali, the suspect in Zainab Rape and Murder Case is involved in a huge gang who record inappropriate videos of children and sell them to foreign websites from where they get money in return. He is still on his point that he will give complete evidence in few days in court. Meanwhile, due to other media channels, people are considering him to be a liar and doing this for publicity.

Currently, there has begun a trend on Twitter #BanShahidMasood. People are posting against him and consider him to be a liar and fraud and there is no reality behind his claim. Meanwhile, there are few people who are using the hashtag of #weSupportShahidMasood.

Let’s see how people are reacting on this issue.

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