Zainab’s Suspect identified as Imran- Nation Demands to hang Culprit


It’s been two weeks when a little angel Zainab being kidnaped, raped and killed in a brutal way. The girl with the age of 7 left the whole nation in unbearable grief and anger behind. Whole nation went on the roads to get the justice for Zainab no matter from which class they belong and what cast they have all stands on one issue to get justice for Zainab.

It was the 12th incident of Rape in Kasur and according to DNA tests; the suspect has been involved in previous 8 rape cases. Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was formed by the Punjab Government and they took 600 DNA from the area Zainab lived. Out of all DNA reports, one DNA matched from the Zainab post-mortem report and the police arrested the suspect named Imran. The suspect lived near to the Zainab’s house and got arrested by the police and under interrogation.

However, police official claims that the suspect confessed the crime of rape and murder of Zainab. The nation including common public and celebrities are applauding the Government for the rapid action they took to trace the culprit. Now all Pakistanis are demanding to hang this monster openly to set the example for other culprits whoever think to commit this crime will remind it.

Zainab’s brother, Abu Bakar said that the suspect should be given an exemplary sentence so that others like him get a message.

Celebrities are making tweets and applauding the Government and Police plus demanding to hang the culprit.

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