Best 3G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Router in Pakistan

The first question comes in mind, which one will be the best Wi-Fi router for internet in terms of compatibility of LTE/HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS/EVDO ,support of 3G/4G USB modems , signal strength and speed.

In Pakistan there are number of brands are available, such as Tenda, Tp-Link, Netis, Linksys, NetGear, LB-Link, D-Link and many more.

But which one you should buy, Selecting one best isn’t easy choice if you want USB support for 3G /4G for your dongles, wingles. If you want to extend the range of PTCL EVO Charji wingle, which are made by Huawei and Model are  EC8372U or CharJi or other Wingle such as EC315-2. And Warid or Zong Wingle Huawei E8372h then which router will be the best, which supports all USB Modems.

  • TP-Link 3G/4G Wireless N Router TL-MR3420

There are many portable USB powered router by TP-Link for 3G/4G support and others are TP-Link 3220 and TP-Link 3420 both are almost same with few difference in specifications and TP-Link 3220 has one external antenna. TP-Link 3420 Compatible with LTE/HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS/EVDO USB modems and with 2x5dBi detachable antennas.

TP-Link 3420 works with most  LTE/HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS/EVDO USB modems worlwide as compared to their competitors. In Pakistan it the only tested router which worked on almost all Dongles and Wingles. The version 1 of TP-Link 3420 doesn’t support 4G LTE but ver-2 and 3 supports. It works on Huawei  EC8372U or CharJi or other Wingle such as EC315-2. And on Warid or Zong Wingle made by Huawei E8372h.

The signal strength of this router isn’t much satisfactory and Tenda w311-R with one 5dBi gives more signals a compared to 2x5dBi detachable antennas of TP-Link 3420. And if you want to change antenna of TP-Link routers. And use Chinese 15dBi or orignal 8dBi Model No.TL-ANT2408CL which costs Rs.400-500 on TP-Link 3420 or any other router which supports. In my case i didn’t notice any much gain in signal strength and checked on many location. It just increase only 1-to 3 dBi in signal nothing more than that. It’s better to use bridging with any other router to extend range or use of universal range extender or repeater is better option.

  • D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router

D-Link also know as for the best in Wireless and networking products. The D-Link DWR-116 wireless router also have 3G/4G and EVDO support. And Supports 4G LTE/EV-DO/CDMA/HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTs wireless networks for international compatibility.

But as compared to TP-Link 3420 D-Link DWR-116 or 113 isn’t easily available in the market. And the price of both router are almost same. D-Link DWR 116 supports PTCL wingle or CharJi but it doesn’t support Huawei E8372h which offered by Warid and Zong. In current firmware it is not supporting but may be in near future in new firmware update it might support. The compatibility list worldwide of D-Link DWR 116 are very less in number as compared to TP-Link 3420.DWR116A1ImageLFront

  • Netis 3G/4G Router MW5230

The netis 3G/4G Router MW5230 also supports 3G/4G Network and equipped with 3 external 5dBi antennas for better coverage.

  • Compatible with 3G/4G USB Modems for network sharing
  • Supports 3G/4G, DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP
  • 1 * USB 2.0 Port, for 3G/4G USB Modem or USB Storage Device

The specification are almost same but it is not easily available in the market. And the compatibility of 3G/4G Dongles , Wingles not confirmed. It is good for conventional use but for PTCL EVO or other USB modem it need to be tested before buying.netis_MW5230_1

So, it better to buy TP-Link 3420 or 3220 for seamless 3G/4G connectivity in Pakistan. And it is compatible with world most USB modem. And Tenda 4G630 or 4G600 Plug-and-play support for over 150 of the most popular LTE-FDD/LTE-TD/HSPA+/ HSPA/EVDO USB modems with same features like TP-Link or D-Link. But its not yet available and it also not confirmed. It will work on all available USB Dongles or Wingles in Pakistan.

There are many other Portable USB routers by Tp-link or Tenda which supports all LTE-FDD/LTE-TD/HSPA+/ HSPA/EVDO USB modems.

Umer Kayani
Umer Kayani
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