Best Cars to Buy Under 20 lacs


20 lacs is a good amount to have when you are looking to buy a new car. Fortunately under this budget you can buy pretty great cars in Pakistan. You should look for either a Sedan or an SUV of you have 20 lacs, no one buys a hatchback when they have this much budget. That is my opinion anyways. Let’s take a look at cars you can get for under 20 lacs.

Toyota Corolla GLI:

First in the list is Toyota Corolla GLI, manufactured by top company in the world. It comes in two variants. First one is Toyota Corolla GLI 2015 with manual transmission which you can get for PKR. 1,749,000/-. Second one is Toyota Corolla GLI 2015 with automatic transmission which you can buy for PKR. 1,824,000/-.

Suzuki Ciaz:

Suzuki launched new hatchback after a pretty long time in 2017. It is the direct competitor of Honda City 2016 and Toyota Corolla 2016. It is also pretty good and you can get it for 18 to 20 lacs with different variants.Suzuki Ciaz

FAW Sirius S80:

FAW is a Chinese company which is probably the first Chinese one to launch its vehicles formally in Pakistan. Sirius S80 is the only SUV in our list and yes you can get an SUV for under 20 lacs thanks to China. Sirius S80’s price tag is PKR 1,700,000.FAW Sirius S80

Honda City 2015:

Honda City is one of the top and most famous cars in Pakistan. You can get City 2015 with Prosmatec transmission for PKR 1,700,000, this thing is automatic.

Toyota Corolla XLI:

Next one and the last one in the list is Toyota Corolla XLI 2015. You can buy this model for PKR 1,624,000 and it also has a pretty great resale value.Toyota Corolla XLI

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