Latest Mehndi Trends: Which Mehndi designs are out dated?


Wedding season is all at its peak so you must try latest mehndi trends this season. Without Mehndi/Heena eastern women can’t complete their preparation for wedding. It is one of the oldest and famous fashion in the East. Its beauty and glamour attracted women from all over the world. Applying Mehndi on different body parts including hands and feet is very common in Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates. Conclusively it is more loved by Muslim women around the world. What are the latest trends of mehndi? Which mehndi designs are in? which one are out dated? All we will tell you today.

Since last few decades, Mehndi trends seem to have an irreversible turn as designs are quite dissimilar to earlier one. Previously florals are considered but portrait-style Mehndi is now in. New initiated self made designs have taken place instead simpler and more frequently applied designs. Earlier most common and traditional designs were drawn but now self drawn and new invented designs are applied which include thin mehndi coating with unique style and embellished with various shades. Now mehndi shades include black, brown and red color. Mehndi experts use all three shades in single designs at gime to enhance. Arabic mehndi designs are beautiful and thus more liked in Pakistan and India.

Here we are going to check out latest trends of mehndi.

  1. White Mehndi makes you outstanding in your occasion. It is attractive and alluring. It is unlike other Mehndi can be easily washed off.
  2. Mixed shades mehndi is now in fashion most;y popular among young girls. It enhances the design and makes it pretty.
  3. Delicate designs are now more famous. These designs need an expert who can draw with more attention and delicacy.
  4. A traditional look of tikki design is all time favorite but now mehndi designer came up with uniqueness in these designs.
  5. Diagonally drawn mehndi is now style of season. It starts from one end of wrist and and ends up to the index finger.
  6. Glitter filled mehndi is eye catching because it beautifies the mehndi design more. Glitter is filled just before you leave for your party.
  7. Another mehndi trend is nowadays famous among brides, that is sticking diamonds or different color stones. This gives bold and exceptional look to mehndi.

Brides and also some ladies prefer intricate designs of mehndi. But now after this portrait style, casual and traditional mehndi designs are out dated. Try these new trends in your occasion and rock with beautiful look.

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