Best Clothing Brands for Women to Try


Women have always been amazed and inspired by good colors and designs of clothes. It is the primary luxury on which they spend their pockets. They can never get fond off clothes but always look for more, better and updated ones. Trends keep changing and so does the need for trendy clothes too. The market has many brands available to cater such customers. Some are new some are old while all are contributing effectively and efficiently to the market.

We will discuss some of the brands who are renowned in general public for some reasons :


It is a premium brand which basically aims to cater the upper segment of the urban society. They have lavish cuts and colors which are sold under expensive price tags. They cater all ranges from formals to semi formals to casual. Usually have good variety available but give a heavy hit on the pocket. Yet, youngster’s favorite stop to shop it is.Brands, Best Clothing Brands for Women to Try


This brand has recently gained popularity throughout the nation. It is remarked and known by its unique floral designs accompanied with geometrical prints. This brand basically plays symmetry games on its prints under light and pastel colors. It is the hot favorite cookie of trend lovers these days. It gained popularity after its flat 50% sales that were held late last year and early this year. The response of the sale was phenomenal resulting in empty shelves and fighting ladies. After which the brand came under lime light.Brands, Best Clothing Brands for Women to Try


The brand whose name speaks its popularity. It is the most shopped clothing brand according to a recent survey. It has different segments serving all the niches from kids to men to ladies formal, semi-formal and casual. The brand also deals in accessories. Khaadi aims to cater every class of the society and thus they keep clothes for every range. Its extensive designs and rich color combinations have appealed ladies since a long while and might continue if they don’t decline their quality.Brands, Best Clothing Brands for Women to Try


It is a female brand taken out by outfitters. It caters eastern clothing for women compared to outfitters which has western variety. It has started gaining popularity since some time because its strategy is to play with price. The brand provides good stuff for reasonable prices.Brands, Best Clothing Brands for Women to Try


This is a brand which can be termed as a FAD. It raised like a shooting star dealing only in semi-formal ladies range within a reasonable price range. Within months it became the talk of the town because of its designs and colors. It was approachable and appealing for every segment of the society but recently customers have been witnessed extremely disheartens and dissatisfied with the brand. The brand has moved on to the expansion policy however fails to satisfy the old customers by mostly repeating old clothes on the shelves.Brands, Best Clothing Brands for Women to Try

These are some of the brands who are not the best but for some reason have been prevalent in the customers. It should be very clear that there is no monopoly. With such variety of brands existing in the market extreme competition exists which can be only catered through hard work. Else the replacements are already available.

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