Best Places To Hangout For Kids In Lahore 2024

March is considered as a month of exams here in Pakistan and this month is going to be end soon. After exams every one especially kids want to go for hangout and release there stress they were having due to exams. If your kids are one of them who are planning to go out for hangout, let us introduce you to some of the best places in Lahore for kids where you will get unforgettable fun and enjoyment.

Joy land


Located within the boundaries of fortress stadium Lahore, Joy land is one of the most popular recreational spot for not only kids but also for adults. Here you can find almost all types of swings. There are also stall from where one can buy eatables to double the fun of hangout.

Visitors to Lahore, Pakistan can have a fun day at Joyland Lahore, an amusement park perfect for families and those seeking excitement. Joyland is a huge amusement park that welcomes guests of all ages with its wide variety of thrilling rides, attractions, and entertainment choices.

There are a lot of exciting rides and attractions at the park, like water rides and roller coasters, that will get your heart racing. Along with its thrilling attractions, Joyland is known for its colorful décor, energetic music, and mouthwatering food booths. Both residents and visitors looking for an exciting day out flock to it. Joyland Lahore is an absolute must-visit for anyone seeking to make unforgettable memories with loved ones, thanks to its immaculate grounds and welcoming personnel.


Sozo water park

This park is one of the most crowded park especially during summers as here kids can get a chance to do lots of swimming in cool water as the swimming pool is not too deep to handle. There are also many stalls over there from where kids can easily get eatables of their choice.

Famous for its refreshing and exciting experiences, Sozo Water Park is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Many people go to Sozo Water Park to cool off and have fun in the water because of all the water attractions it has to offer. Water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and other exciting rides abound in the park, so visitors of all ages can find something to their liking.

The dedication to cleanliness and safety at Sozo Water Park is well-known, and it serves to protect all guests. Sozo Water Park is a great option for people looking for a fun and exciting day of water attractions in Lahore due to its varied offerings and pleasant atmosphere.



Fantasy Land

If your kids are in search of extreme fun, fantasy land can fit to their desire in a best way. Located within a Pace shopping complex at MM Alam road, this recreational point has lots of swings for kids. It also has a 3d cinema and arcade games in play area.


Lahore Zoo

Most of the kids love animals and want to see them live in front of their eyes instead of just books. So Lahore zoo is a best place where kids can go and see numerous animals and birds to make their hangout full of fun. There is also a “zoo café” over there just in case if kids are feeling hungry.


Safari Park

Safari park is not less than a jungle and is also known as “Woodland wild life” park. Here you can find walk through aviaries and safari tracks in lion and tiger areas. Here every animal is set free with in boundaries. This park has also boating and fishing facilities so kids can enjoy here a lot.

We at, suggest you visit one of these places with your kids these summers and have a real time fun with them.

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