The Blue Whale Challenge Game: Reality Revealed

The Blue Whale Challenge Game: Quite a viral game, isn’t it? I’m talking about Blue Whale Challenge Game or it will probably a valid statement if we say it the killer game. Let us find out what’s the inner story.


For those who don’t know the about this game, the Blue Whale Challenge Game is a Russian game. It is an internet game which made its debut in 2013 in Russia & claimed to exist in several countries now.

What is Blue Whale Challenge Game All About?

Blue Whale Challenge Game

The game allegedly consists of a series of bizarre tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day time period. Moreover, this is not all about the game; the severity begins when the player reaches the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide.


Currently, it is one the most trending game on the internet. Most of the people are talking about this game. There are anxiety and suspense regarding the Blue Whale Challenge Game. Whether the game really exists or not? And is it true that many people have died who used to play this game?

Let’s manipulate the facts:

The Game is a Myth…. Yes or No?

Most of the people are not ready to accept the truth of the blue whale challenge game. According to them, why don’t the players leave the game when they see that it’s getting too bizarre etc?

However, it is heard that the server takes all the authentic information from the player while making an account for the game. Through this info, the server (Administrator) blackmails the player if he or she refuses to complete the task.

Most importantly, the game targets the young kids who are in between14-18 years old. As they are not mentally strong and can fall a victim to such games.

Game Enters Asia

Yes, after killing more than 100 teens in Europe, now the game has entered in Asia. There are several cases like the game has got its first victim from Mumbai India, a 14 years old kid who was alleged for playing the blue whale game challenge & he committed suicide as a final task.

Note: All of the above information is collected from various websites and reports on social media. There is no such authentic evidence which can prove the reality of this so called, the killer game. However, our first priority is to update you about such stuff, so stay safe.

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