China Mobile Pakistan will Increase 4G Investment in Pakistan

Chinese Telecom Company Zong will Grow 4G Investment for Pakistan!!!

Pakistan is an under developing country which is working hard for providing the best services to its people. For this purpose Pakistan is increasing its relation with other countries. China is one of those countries who helped Pakistan in every situation and now Chinese Telecom Company is going to increase 4G investment in Pakistan. The company name is China Mobile Pakistan which will increase its investments for 4G services in our country. China Mobile Pakistan would built 5000 base stations in next three years in Pakistan (Wang Hua). There are more than 8 million 4G users in this area and capturing 75 per cent of the market. The company is also collaborating with Uber and Careem to facilitate transportation for people. The main purpose of China Mobile Pakistan Company is to facilitate all Pakistanis with fast 4G services. The main objective is to “cultivating international talent” and the staff members would be sent in China for training sessions.

Chinese Telecom Company

Internet is the most important thing nowadays, no one can remain without this service. To increase the 4G services in Pakistan a Chinese company China Mobile Pakistan would invest more for all Pakistanis. The Chief Executive Officer of CMPak Wang Hua said: This Company was a forerunner to introduce 4G in Pakistan when government auctioned 4G spectrum in 2014. Now it would expand its investment for 4G Services in Pakistan. This telecom company will build new 5,000 base stations in next three years. Total $2.7 billion have been invested yet for this purpose.

China Mobile Pakistan

Currently there are over eight million 4G users edging out all other operators in this area and capturing 75 per cent of the market. The CEO also told that they would be collaborate with ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Careem to facilitate transportation for people.

Purpose of this Investment

The main purpose of increasing this investment is to make advancement in 4g technology. It would also help to promote the development in relevant industries. The other purpose of this China Mobile Pakistan Company is to make 4G services internationalization in all over the world. One more important point about this is “cultivating international talent”. For this purpose Pakistani senior and middle-level staff will be sent to China for management training.

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