Pakistan Gets 46m 3G/4G Subscribers & 48m Broadband


Back in 2013, Pakistan was on the list of those few countries which lacks the facilities of 3g and 4g. Recently at the Google event, this was the major point of discussion. Later on, 3g and 4g were introduced in Pakistan and the customers of this technology are increasing rapidly since then.
Based on the statistics given by Pakistan telecom authority PTA, the subscribers of 3g and 4g have reached to 46 million. Similarly, the number of broadband users are way more than 3g and 4g services they gave touched the statistics of 48 million subscribers.

These customers are among 141 million mobile phone holders in Pakistan in 200 million population.
Meanwhile, Scattering these statistics, jazz has 13.64 million 3g users, Zong has 8.9 million subscribers, Ufone holds 5.4 million activators, Telenor has 0.9 million 4g users, while jazz has 1.3 million and 4g users of one are 4.6 million.

Viewing these scores, Ufone seems to be falling behind from all other telecom companies, as they are the only one with lack of 4g technology. Due to this reason, most of the users switch to 4g networks. While among 4g networks, customers switch on the basis of speed and quality of the network. It is recorded that song has the higher number of 4g customers.
The common choice of youth is a long 4g network in Pakistan while jazz is doing great in enhancing the capability of their network. Right now they have the highest number of 3g subscribers because due to the economic situation of Pakistan a large number of people have the phones which do not support 4g so they use 3g instead.

After 2014, Pakistan telecom technology has jumped up and gained a significantly top position among the list of countries having the most number of 3g and 4g subscribers.

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