Pakistani Engineer Designed A Device To Save Lives And Combat Against Smog

An engineer by profession, named Hasan Zaidi has designed an air purifier in order to fight against the poisonous weather conditions and combat against smog. Zaidi complete this device in six months to carefully build the air purifier at home.

Hasan Zaidi was only 31 year old, and in the total duration of 3 months, he sold more than 500 air purifier units. The selling cost of each purifier is PKR 16000 or $103. These days he is refusing hundreds of orders because of absence of manpower and very limited resources.

His generated model is in fact less expensive than the imported purifiers. Not just that all the other models cost 3 or 4 times more than what Hassan Zaidi is charging. Sadia khan, CEO of Autosoft Dynamics said that, “it’s now less of a luxury and more of a necessity. The company gets a dozen of the air purifier for its employers to breathe safely. In Pakistan the ratio of air pollution has increased drastically.

combat against smog

An air purifier is an air cleaning machine that make air fresh and healthy by removing poisonous particles from the air. Asthma patients and allergy sufferers can get benefit with the help of air purifier or patients whose condition become badly with poor quality air.

The traces of low-quality diesel fumes mix in the air, cold winter temperature coalesces, and smoke from burned off seasonal crops. A report published by a scientific Journal in 2015 state that, in Pakistan almost 135,000 people’s died due to the bad air quality conditions. Because the Pakistani government is acting slowly on this matter so the public has taken the matter in their own hands. According to a website known as Pakistan air Quality, Pakistan has experienced only 10 hours of good air quality in the entire 2019.

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