Comparison of Huawei G8 & Samsung A5

The smart technology market, all over the globe has welcomed amazingly unique and feature rich smart phones this year. Since technology has taken over the human lives, people are now more interested in getting their hands on advanced technologies before anyone else. This trend has particularly led towards a significant increase in the market sales of mid tier and high-end smart phones, because they do not only look stylish and elegant but they also perform extraordinarily.

In the race of developing modernized chic-smart phones, Huawei has taken the market lead and outshone big tech giants. Because of the prolific R&D department and excellent quality of production materials, Huawei has significantly established itself as the “leading tech innovator”.

Huawei’s latest prodigies belonging to P series, Mate Series and Honor Series have proven that this technology based company only delivers the best of products in exquisitely crafted exterior. Recently launched, Huawei G8, is undoubtedly a syndicate of stylish exterior and high tech interior.

Let’s have a detailed comparison of G8 with its competitor smart phone, Samsung Galaxy A5.

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Structure & Design:

Huawei and Samsung, both the companies keep a keen eye on manufacturing attractive bodies for their devices, but the pattern Samsung has adopted is now getting old. Whereas, Huawei is focusing on making nature inspired bodies and those which have a tint of style and glamour. Huawei’s G8 is an example of such beautifully crafted design which makes it a perfect fit in the hands. Though A5 is not shabby to handle, but the ergonomic design of G8 makes it super easy to be used single-handedly. 

G8 has got full-touch frontal surface, whereas A5 has a home button at its front bottom. The G8 by Huawei has got the power on/off and volume keys aligned on the right panel of the device, whereas in A5, the power key is on the right panel and volume keys are on the left. Though it doesn’t make any difference, but still it would have been a lot easier, if one could get both the functions at one spot, like in Huawei G8.

Another worth mentioning factor of G8 is the fingerprint scanner on its rear. It is right below the back camera, the research staff at Huawei, has developed the fingerprint scanner with enhanced perfection, making it instantly responsive. One similarity in design, between the two is that they both carry an LED flashlight adjacent to the rear camera.

Well, if we have to give points for being classy and attractive at the first glimpse then we would certainly pick Huawei G8.

Display Screen:

Now let’s talk about the screen beauty of G8 in comparison to A5. I am not picking sides here, but given other credits like affordability, Huawei has manufactured its latest G8 smart phone with color-rich big screen in comparison to A5. The display size of G8 is 5.5 inch, whereas of A5 is 5 inches, but what makes the difference is the ppi, in G8 it is 400 ppi and in A5 it is 294 ppi.

Both companies have utilized Corning Gorilla glass in their display screens, making them strong and resistant to external scratches etc. Another additional feature of G8 is that it has 2.5D curved screen which helps in creating three dimensional images, making the images you view or the  movies you are watching, feel more lifelike.

OS & Processor:

The internal parts of a smart phone would only perform extraordinarily when they are accompanied with the latest and up to date OS and processor. Huawei has incorporated its ultra modern G8 with the latest 1.5 GHz Octa Core processor and Android 4.4 KitKat OS. On the other hand, highly priced than G8, the A5 has 1.2 GHz Quad core processor in it with the Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

Huawei has certainly given its users a bigger treat by loading G8 with extremely efficient processor supported by the latest OS, whereas Samsung couldn’t manage to provide a comparatively effective processor in comparison to G8.


The amount of data a smart device can adjust in it along with the efficacy of the processor and OS, decide the performance level of it and also how well it will do in the market. Huawei has aptly maintained the competition in this regard as well. As both the devices, Huawei G8 and Samsung A5 have a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM incorporated in them and the extent to which memory can be expanded in G8 is 32GB (with the MicroSDcard) and in A5 it is 64GB.

But, given the processor efficacy of G8, one can obviously imagine, which of the two devices would outshine the other when it would come to downloading, or gaming, or movie buffering etc. Huawei has undoubtedly designed G8 as the perfect smart phone for not only the working generation but also the students, who have excess use of smart phone on a daily basis.


Talking about the camera, we would have to place both the smart phones equally, as both of them carry 13 MP rears (with flashlight) and a 5MP front camera. The factor which distinguishes G8 from A5 are the additional features available with the camera. A5 does carry traditional camera features and qualities with it, but Huawei has totally revolutionized the cameras of G8.

With complete DSLR features available with the rear camera and ultra beautification features with the front camera, pictures and selfies captured with G8 are undoubtedly most exquisite, refreshing, vivid and vibrant. Though the snaps taken through A5’s cameras are also extraordinary, but one can certainly create fascinating and memorable images and videos with Huawei’s G8.


The functional time duration, a smart phone provides to its user in his day to day life, is undeniably significant. It is obviously quite irritating when the phone’s battery dies rapidly and one has to put off other important tasks repeatedly to charge his smart phone. Well, this problem can surely be overcome by loading a smart phone with a heavy powered battery. Huawei has again taken the lead in this regard by integrating a 3000 mAh in its G8, whereas, here again Samsung has not given enough and incorporated a 2300 mAh in its A5. Given the super efficient processor, latest OS and spacious storage of G8, this smart phone is utterly unbeatable by Samsung’s A5.


The monetary aspect of a smart phone is certainly considered the most, when one sets foot in a smart phone shop. Huawei has made a genius move by packing its G8 with unique features, super fast processor and OS, large memory and heavy powered battery and then pricing it lot less than the competitor smart phones like Samsung Galaxy A5. Huawei’s 4G LTE supporting G8 is available for Rs. 35,000/- whereas Samsung’s Galaxy A5 is available for Rs. 39,999/-.

Now we won’t put words in your mouth and will let you decide on your own, which device you would like to buy next time you step out to get yourself a classy and high tech smart phone.

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