Why Shalwar Kameez isn’t Allowed at Bahria University

Bahria University is a well known university with three campuses at Islamabad , Karachi and Lahore. It was established by Pakistan Navy in 2000 and from that time it has gradually developed its name in one of the leading institution’s of Higher Education in Pakistan. Bahria is also recognized for its restrictions and business rules as in past bahrian students were used to wear the uniform in the university and this rule was also applicable on post graduate students which really feel scratchy for students to follow such rules in university. Now in recently started semester bahria university has again imposed such sort of dress code for their students. It’s very itchy where students  are not allowed in campus except Friday in Shalwar Kameez. Is this a good way to ban Shalwar Kameez and students can’t even wear their national dress even living in their country. Ex Bahrain can know it well, how pathetic to ban Shalwar Kameez in university campus and those who are suffering from this decision can also understand what kind of problems students are facing. By putting ban on Shalwar Kameez, what Bahria want to proof. Is this is a university or school/college.

In majority there are no such restrictions on students to not wear Shalwar Kameez except Bahria. From almost last more than 8 years, Bahria not allowed their students to come in Shalwar Kameez. Yes there should be dress code and students should come in proper way. But why not Shalwar Kameez, By imposing Pant and Shirt as dress code Bahria can’t successfully meet their objectives. Off course not, for that it is not the case to meet their objectives, they must do something extra to compete their competitors and for better HEC ranking. Now all students are demanding to lift ban from Shalwar Kameez, this isn’t college or school and they are paying huge amount as fee.

Below are the dress code is to be adhered by all students.

Male Students

  1. Dress/casual Trousers
  2. Jeans (Plain Blue) without any images, graphics & write ups
  3. Dress/Casual Shirts (Half/full sleeves)
  4. T Shirts without any images, messages, graphics & write ups
  5. Dress/Casual shoes or joggers with Socks. (No Sandals)
  6. Shalwar Qameez with shoes (only on Friday)
  7. Suit/Combination
  8. Coat/Pullover/Sweater/Jacket in winter

Female Students

  1. Shalwar Qameez. (No sleeveless)
  2. Hijab, Abaya, Chaddar
  3. Full length Jeans/trousers  with long shirt/Kurta [Knee length] (No tights)
  4. Light Jewlery & light make up
  5. Shoes, Sandals & Joggers
  6. Duppatta/Scarf compulsory with all dresses

In case of non-compliance, the following disciplinary actions will be undertaken

  1. Written warning on 1st occasion
  2. Fine of Rs.5000/- on 2nd occasion
  3. Barring attendance of classes on 3rd occasion

The second rule pointed by our team is Bahria university business game for the car stickers to park the car in the university premises. It is truly unfair with students to get the car sticker much expensively although they are paying high fees, while the staff gets it in cheap cost and a well reserved parking also. The cost for the car sticker for students is Rs. 750 and the interesting point is that students have to get new sticker at the start of every new year. Why Rs.750 when they are already paying fee, the maximum amount as car fee is another Bahria fraud with their students.

And all ex-Bahrian have passed through the same kind of car sticker fraud and last but not the least the fraud laptop scheme. Yes, back in year 2006-2009,  if i remember it well, it was compulsory for all students to get laptop from Bahria and they charge it with semester fee. The Acer Extenza laptop are forcefully given to students and Bahria made huge amount.

If you are currently suffering from this ban or have faced if you were previously associated with Bahria. Than show your support to make loud and clear message to higher authorities to stop ban on Shalwar Kameez. And take any decisions which affects the students with collaboration of students. Students are the main stakeholders and without that they are nothing.

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