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Today, we are living in the technical world, where digital transactions play an essential role in our life. We can send or receive money within a shortage of time, anywhere anytime. There is no need to wait for bank service.

Mostly, people create their account on Easypaisa just to save their money. How can you open the account? For activation dial *345*3737# through your Telenor number. 

Features of opening an Easypaisa Mobile Account:

  1. Access to banking account
  2. No more traveling
  3. 24/7 service
  4. Open an account through a retailer or visiting the franchise
  5. 3737 customer helpline service

Telenor Easypaisa Charges Detail


Money Transfer

The following are the transaction details

PKR. 0 to PKR. 1,000 PKR. 60
PKR. 1,001 to PKR. 2,500 PKR. 120
PKR. 2,501 to PKR. 4,000 PKR. 180
PKR. 4,001 to PKR. 6,000 PKR. 240
PKR. 6,001 to PKR. 8,000 PKR. 300
PKR. 8,001 to PKR. 10,000 PKR. 350
PKR. 10,001 to PKR. 13,000 PKR. 400
PKR. 13,001 to PKR. 16,000* PKR. 450


* Slab limit is 15,000 in case of Non BVMT

Easypaisa Shop :

Money transfer:

If a person want to send money the following data is required

  • Original CNIC of sender
  • Valid CNIC of receiver
  • Mobile number of sender and receiver

Receive money:

When you receive money you need:

  • Original CNIC
  • Mobile detail

Bill Payment:

There are no hidden charges; the following are primary features

  • PKR 0.00 (free) is charged for UBP of any denomination
  • Mini-Statement: PKR 0.00 it means free
  • Balance Inquiry: PKR 0.24 (incl. of tax)

How to pay bill by using Easypaisa account?

  • Dial *786#
  • Select the option of bill payment
  • Select the bill type option
  • Select the utility bill company
  • Enter the printed number mention on the bill
  • Confirmation of transaction by entering 5 digit easypaisa account code
  • Message received from 3737

Cash Withdrawal from Easypaisa Mobile Account:

PKR. 501 to PKR. 1,000 PKR. 20
PKR. 1,001 to PKR. 2,500 PKR. 40
PKR. 4,001 to PKR. 6,000 PKR. 80
PKR. 6,001 to PKR. 8,000 PKR. 100
PKR. 8,001 to PKR. 10,000 PKR. 120


Bank Transfer:

If you transfer money from Bank account through an Easypaisa shop, then you need to  consider the following process

  • Bring your original CNIC and one photocopy
  • Provide your mobile number and CNIC number to any Easypaisa Agent.
  • Provide the Bank’s name, deposit amount, Bank Account number and receiver’s mobile number to Easypaisa Agent.
  • Confirm the receiver’s Bank Account Title.
  • You will receive the confirmation SMS from 3737 once the transaction is done.

International Home Transfer transactions:

In order to collect Easypaisa International Home Transfer transactions, focus on the following points.

  • In a foreign country sender visits to sending partners, and fills out a form and with required money. In the form full name CNIC details and recipient full name is required.
  • Agent will generate a unique Transaction ID and give it to the Sender.
  • Sender will communicate the receiver via phone/SMS/internet and provide a transaction ID.
  • Receiver visits any any franchise and service Center with Transaction ID and his/her original CNIC and collect money.

Easypaisa Mobile Top-up

Telenor Easypaisa service is also offering some facilities on mobile top up. So anyone can pay bills or any payment through their mobile. We can say that it is an alternative channel toward customer satisfaction


  • Secure and instant transaction
  • There are no hidden charges
  • This service is only available for Djuice, persona and Talkshawk customers
  • On every mobile top-up transaction, cash can be reimbursed
  • Win the free 25 minutes (on the net) on 75 rupees of the mobile top-up.

Per month fifteen transactions are free & subsequent are charged at PKR 2 (incl. of tax)

Money Transfer from a CNIC to an Easypaisa Mobile Account

PKR. 1 to PKR. 200 PKR. 15
PKR. 201 to PKR. 500 PKR. 25
PKR. 501 to PKR.1,000 PKR. 35
PKR. 1,001 to PKR.2,500 PKR. 70
PKR. 2,501 to PKR.4,000 PKR. 105
PKR. 4,001 to PKR.6,000 PKR 140
PKR. 6,001 to PKR. 8,000 PKR.175
PKR. 8,001 to PKR. 10,000 PKR.210
PKR. 10,001 to PKR. 13,000 PKR.245
PKR. 13,001 to PKR. 15,000 PKR.280


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