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Mobicash is another name of Jazzcash, in which you can enjoy the facility of transfer money, loan payment, account opening and also enjoy bill payment facility.

How can you activate Jazzcash account?

Today, 75000 agents are available across the Pakistan to provide the best service. Mostly, people prefer to create their jazz account just to enjoy the online banking service. How can you open the account? For activation dial  *786#  through your jazz number. Also, you can register the account through biometric verification, while visiting the nearest franchise or agent shop.

Jazzcash/Mobicash Charges Detail: 

The details are given as under;

PKR. 0 to PKR. 1,000 PKR. 60
PKR. 1,001 to PKR. 2,500 PKR. 120
PKR. 2,501 to PKR. 4,000 PKR. 180
PKR. 4,001 to PKR. 6,000 PKR. 240
PKR. 6,001 to PKR. 8,000 PKR. 300
PKR. 8,001 to PKR. 10,000 PKR. 350
PKR. 10,001 to PKR. 13,000 PKR. 400
PKR. 13,001 to PKR. 16,000* PKR. 450


* Slab limit is 15,000 in case of Non BVMT

Bank deposit:

Now with biometric verification, the bank Deposit service is also available, which enabling customers to send up to Rs. 50,000 to any bank account.


Any person with a valid NADRA CNIC or JazzCash account holder can avail this service.

  • Payment can be made to any Bank connected to the 1-Link network.
  • Instant transfer of funds through a seamless process.
  • An instant SMS message will be sent to both the Sender and the Receiver on a successful transaction.

Send Money to Mobile Account:

To send money, the following process should be the focus:

  • Valid CNIC number
  • Recipient complete details CNIC and mobile number
  • Agent takes fingerprints for confirmation of receiver’s CNIC number.
  • Confirmation through 3737 message
  • Collect the money

Cash Withdrawal from Jazz Account:

PKR. 501 to PKR. 1,000 PKR. 20
PKR. 1,001 to PKR. 2,500 PKR. 40
PKR. 4,001 to PKR. 6,000 PKR. 80
PKR. 6,001 to PKR. 8,000 PKR. 100
PKR. 8,001 to PKR. 10,000 PKR. 120


Bill payment:

You can pay anywhere for your postpaid jazz service. This is the best choice to choose a network which is playing the functional role of an agent to pay bills and payments

  1. No additional charges
  2. 24/7 customer service
  3. Easily payable

How can you pay the bill?

  • Bring your utility bill and cash amount to any Jazz customer franchise or JazzCash retailer.
  • Provide phone number to receive a confirmatory message regarding bill payments.
  • Select the bill type and company
  • If you have not a mobile phone number, you provide another number or agent’s mobile phone.
  • The agent will stamp your bill, when the payment processed successfully.
  • Keep the stamped bill to carries the transaction details.

Loan Repayments:

JazzCash provides a simple solution to help the customers for paying their loan installment. The customer can pay through online, through JazzCash mobile accounts, also from JazzCash agents, in which Jazz business centers, Mobilink Microfinance Bank Branches, and Jazz franchise is included.


  • Secure and reliable solution online transaction.
  • Cost efficient loan repayment collection process
  • Make loan payment through online
  • Payment can be made anytime and anywhere.
  • SMS based confirmation system

Jazzcash Mobile Top-up:

The limit of jazzcash is exhausted. Meanwhile, you can send or receive 50,000 per month. However, there are ten transactions free in every month on the cash deposit, and the subsequent are charged at 2.5% (incl. of tax) of the transaction amount.

Money Transfer from a CNIC to an Jazz Account 

PKR. 1 to PKR. 200 PKR. 15
PKR. 201 to PKR. 500 PKR. 25
PKR. 501 to PKR.1,000 PKR. 35
PKR. 1,001 to PKR.2,500 PKR. 70
PKR. 2,501 to PKR.4,000 PKR. 105
PKR. 4,001 to PKR.6,000 PKR 140
PKR. 6,001 to PKR. 8,000 PKR.175
PKR. 8,001 to PKR. 10,000 PKR.210
PKR. 10,001 to PKR. 13,000 PKR.245
PKR. 13,001 to PKR. 15,000 PKR.280

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