Complete Comparison of Super Card or Load | Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Zong & Ufone

Today, the smartphone is the need of every person. You need to be recharged on a daily basis, so avoiding using one by one card; you need to choose the super card option. By the help of comparison, you can know the best super load packages of all networks. This service is specially designed for increasing the customer’s satisfaction, also the network value. However, there are different capacities of bundles in every network. We can say that super card bundle has the all-in-one packages options.

To meet the customer’s requirements, all networks like Warid, Telenor, Jazz, Ufone, and Zong are offering the best packages, while loading the super card. Probably, it is a fact that the value of the internet is increasing rapidly in the era of technology. But the question arises which network packages is usable for us. Just to clear this situation here are some networks super card bundle packages.

Ufone Super Card/Load Complete Detail:

 Today, the most favorite packages bundles are offered by Ufone network in which customer gets many benefits in a less amount. The following are the details of super card bundle:

On recharge of Super Card:

Price 520
Validity 30 days
Minutes 1000 (on net) 150 ( off net)
SMS 1000
MBs 1000

On recharge of Super Card Plus:

 Price 599
 Minutes 1200 (on-net)  180 (off net)
 SMS 1200
 MBs 1200

 Zong Super Card/Load Complete Detail:

Zong launches different super card offer like in 750, 500. The best packages details are given as under.

  1. Zong Supreme Offer:

  Price 800
  Validity 30 days
  Minutes 3000 (on net) 300 (off net)
  SMS 3000
  MBs 3000


  1. Zong Supreme Plus Offer

Price 1500
Validity 30 days
Minutes 8000 (on-net) 600 (off-net)
SMS 8000
MBs 8000


Jazz Super Card/Load Complete Detail:

Choosing the right option is quite important for everyone and this purpose businessman are deciding to use the Mobilink network. Meanwhile, super card monthly packages details are as follow:

  Price 380
  Validity 30 days
 Minutes 1200
  SMS 100
  MBs 1GB


Warid Super Card/Load Complete Detail: 

However, connected with the respective connection is essential just like warid. The super monthly offers are as under: 

  Price 520
  Validity 30 days
  Minutes 1500 (on-net) 100 (off-net)
  SMS 1500
  MBs 1500 MB


 Telenor Super Card/Load Complete Detail:

To stay connected or up to date with everyone, it is essential to have a reliable network, which is only usable while using telenor service. The packages details are as under:

Easy card plus offer:

  Price 600
 Validity 30 days
 Minutes 1500 (on-net) 150 (off-net)
  SMS 1500
  MBs 1500 MB


Easy card offer:

Price 300
Validity 30 days
Minutes  500 (on-net) 50 (off-net)
SMS 500
MBs 500


Easy Card Weekly:

Price 170
Validity 7 days
Minutes 500 (on-net) 50 (off-net)
SMS 500
MBs 750


According to your network, you can choose the super card facility. However, Ufone network is leading on the top level of giving maximum benefits at a minimum price. This offer is specially designed for their valued customer. There is a rapid change on using the different networks packages, which comes at a meager rate. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right packages bundle. That is the main reason, every networks are introducing their super card bundle packages.

Currently, the using number of super card facility is increasing rapidly, that customers only choose to buy the super card. So, they can get the extra advantages before the expiry date. In the above table, you can see different network super card facility. When you will all in one offer, you will defiantly tension free of next recharge till a month.

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