Is Consumption Really a Basic Need

We live in a society where the more an individual consumes, the richer they are considered. Yes, let’s just accept it that consumption has become our basic need; I and you both must be blamed for letting this materialism control our life, happiness and eventually our identity. Last time I remember, Islam stated that “Israf (Extravagance)” is considered as a sin. So, according to Islamic viewpoints we all must be considered as sinners, right?

Maybe you just got extremely infuriated because I brought Islam in some worldly matter, but I know one thing that consumption and materialism which has taken over our lives won’t get us any far. I get that you want to avail the latest Khaadi or Mango sale, however what if your wardrobe is already overloaded do you still need those “on-sale clothes?” yes, that is consumption. Recently, the release of new iPhone 7 got everyone so thrilled, why because we just want be part of the herd.  We just want to follow the recent trend in order to “fit in.” In order to feel accepted.consumption

The world no more appreciates the value of experience but rather considers retail therapy as the spiritual stimulation. It may satisfy you for a short period, but not for very long. Eventually, a time will come that may lead you to feel dependent on the idea of materialism. The more you consume, the more you find inner satisfaction. You shall begin to consider it as the road to personal salvation, but dear folks it’s a never ending process. It will never keep you happy and never satisfied with life, either. Then what’s the use of all this status and wealth when it can’t give you  the desired contentment? What’s the use of throwing a deluxe birthday party or a wedding that makes you want consume more and more? As my teacher advised, if somebody gives you a Rs.5000 for Eidi, then all you need to spend that money on gaining some experience like scuba diving rather than buy a new expensive outfit.

That experience will definitely teach you a new lesson, may unleash the purpose of your life or become a way to refresh your soul to wash away all the struggles you’re going through. Therefore, I urge all of you to not become the part of this slavery led you by capitalism. I know, it won’t be an easy path for you to walk on a separately when everyone is just too busy getting wild after the new iPhone 7 or the fashion trend but trust me, you’re the change agent. You have the ability to bring the materialism to an end.

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