Darren Sammy Plays April fool Prank with Pakistani fans


Pakistani fans Enjoyed the Prank of Daren Sammy (Sammy Khan)

Chocolate Boy, Darren Julius Garvey Sammy, is the 34 years old West Indies cricketer. He is great batsman and bowler also. He remains WI captain for many years and won the T20 winning captain title for two times. He joined the team when he was only 17 and now the world knows him. He is one of the most popular players and senior too. This magical person becomes the second best wicket-taker in his first experience of international cricket. After that, his magical bowling and batting paved his way towards success.

Really cricket has no boundary, if you love your passion, love your fans and play well, then nobody can stop you from being successful and famous. This perfectly suits on Darren Sammy. He has a large number of fan following, not only in west indies but also in all region of the world. He is playing PSL from last year and in PSL3 he was the captain of the team. His passion for cricket, support, and love for Pakistan force Pakistan to love him. Therefore he has a large number of Pakistani fans, especially after PSL3. It was given the name of Sammy Khan as an honor.

Today was the first T20 Match between WI VS Pak. Darren Sammy cannot join the WI squad due to some circumstances. on April fool day, everybody makes fool to their beloved ones. Darren Sammy Plays April fool Prank with Pakistani fans. He tweeted on the twitter that he is coming to Pakistan to join his team. Pakistani fans become more excited after this tweet, as they love him and wants to see this guy again in National Stadium.

darren sammy tweetBut after some time, he again tweeted and said “I Can’t Keep this going… Sorry, Guys, it was an April fool prank. Not getting back in the maroon”. He was also become happy after seeing that he has a huge fan following in Pakistan.

prank revelaed
This tweet broke the heart of many people who want to see Sammy in maroon. Some people enjoy the prank and showed their love for Sammy. Indeed he is a great cricket and has a special place in the heart of Pakistani cricket fans.

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