Dawlance unveiled its new series of LVS plus & Energy Saver Washing Machines

Dawlance unveiled its impressive series of LVS plus and Energy Saver washing machines, which aim to cut down on energy usage for a better and more prosperous Pakistan. The launch of these products is a testament to the initiative of Dawlance, where they believe in designing products that help reserve energy for a better Pakistan, thus ultimately reducing electricity bills.

The LVS plus and Energy saver series automatic washing machines feature modern designs in three capacities for each series. The LVS plus Washing machines can run on voltages as low as 150 volts and save 38% electricity, while the extreme thirty minute dryer
technique increases the performance efficiency by almost 17%, with the pro-fabric drum providing the perfect soft kneading effect for better stain removal. The Energy Saver series delivers well upon its name with best energy saving solutions and with a similar
thirty minute dryer technique, in addition it also offers enhanced detergent penetration even at low water levels, which sets it apart.

Dawlance, Head of Marketing, Hasan Jamil, while explaining the brand’s intent behind the launch of the products, said,
“These newly launched products come in line with our policy of enhancing the quality of human life by making things much
convenient for them, as well an ensuring no compromise on advanced technology standards.”
“The upsurge in frequent power breakdowns has drastically burdened Pakistan’s economy while the increasing tariff has been a
cause of concern for every household,” he added while saying that the creative spark for out LVS Plus washing machines range stems
from the desire to lower costs for consumers, and to serve the community by conserving energy.

Moreover, for the first time in Dawlance, the brand is also offering a 5 year warranty service on motors of these automatic washing machines.

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