Zoheb Send Notice to Aima on Singing Disco Deewane Song| PSL Opening Ceremony


Aima Baig Sing Disco Deewane Song Without Hassan Permission in PSL Opening Ceremony…!!!

Pakistan Super League 2019 Season 4 has been started from February 14, 2019 in Dubai and an outstanding opening ceremony was held for this mega event. On this special day the ceremony was started by Aima Baig and Shuja Haider with Disco Deewane Song. Some people are saying that this opening ceremony was the best and some don’t like this ceremony at all. It is a big miss for Zoheb Hassan and he also send a legal notice to Aima Baig for singing Disco Deewane Song. The Disco Deewane Song was composed by Hassan originally performed by his late sister named Nazia, now Hassan is so aggressive by singing this song in PSL opening ceremony without his permission. Ho also so offensive on this action that the reputable platform PSL used his song without his permission. Now he will send a legal notice to Aima Baig on singing Disco Deewane Song in PSL without his permission.

Disco Deewane Song

Aima Baig in a Trouble

Cricket is one of the most viewed game in all over the world and people want to watch it without missing a single shot. In this regard, the thrilling matches of Pakistan Super League 2019 Season 4 have been started in Dubai. A fantastic opening ceremony was also held for this event in which Pakistani singer Aima Baig and Shuja Haider sing the Disco Deewane Song in their beautiful voices. They want to make this ceremony more amazing and memorable so, they sing this song. This song was originally composed by Zoheb Hassan and performed by his late sister Nazia.

Now Hassan is offensive on this action and he decided to take a serious action because Aima Baig sing this song without his permission in the opening ceremony of PSL 4. He said Aima Baig and Shuja Haider not sing well and they ruined it.

Recently the Pakistan Super League 2019’s Anthem Khel Deewano Ka also released by Fawad Khan. It also received the negative response by the audience as the first three Pakistan Super Leagues anthems were sung by fantastic Ali Zafar.

Disco Deewane Song

Hassan is angrier still and saying that PSL is one of the famous platforms, and it used our track Disco Deewane without our permission. As it is the intellectual property and he will also take a serious notice on this false action.

Disco Deewane Song received the mixed reviews by the audience as some people like this performance and some don’t like it at all and saying this is the complete ruined song. Now Hassan also upset by using this song without taking his permission on legal terms. Now he is much angry and decided to send a legal court notice to the singers on this violation. It is all because, no one can sing another song without his or her permission.

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