How to Get E-Passport in Pakistan|Process & Fee Detail

It is now easier to get an E-Passport in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has made it easier for the citizens of the country to get their e-passports without much hassle. The e-Passport is a secure travel document that features an electronic chip embedded in one of its pages.

This chip stores biometric information and verifies the passport holder’s identity through a unique identification number and digital signature. Additionally, the e-Passport has a contactless chip that allows for electronic reading and is compliant with United Nations’ ICAO standards.

E-Passport in Pakistan

Highlighting Features of E-Passport

  • IR and UV security features among others
  • Laser-engraved chip-based data storage
  • E-Gate compliant standards
  • ICAO compliant standards
  • Real-time personalized data match at airports

Why Should Get an E-Passport in Pakistan?

The e-Passport is now utilized by over 150 countries worldwide, many of which have adopted it to improve border security. Pakistani e-Passport holders can take advantage of e-gate facilities at airports globally, making it easier to process online applications and eliminating the need for a manual system.

The use of e-Passports with multiple security checks also benefits Pakistan by providing convenience to its overseas citizens.

The Process of Getting an E-Passport in Pakistan

Obtaining a Pakistan e-Passport will be similar to the process for a traditional passport. At first, only diplomatic and government officials of Pakistan will have access to the e-Passport facility. Applicants will receive their e-Passports once the manufacturing process is finished. The required documents for an e-Passport will be similar to those needed for a Machine Readable Passport (MRP).

Documents Required

  • Color-scanned copies of CNIC
  • Color-scanned copies of existing Passport
  • Color Scanned copy of a Valid Visa
  • Passport Picture
  • Fingerprint Form
  • Valid Credit Card in Case of Online Payment

Fee Details

At the moment, you can only get an e-passport in Pakistan only from Islamabad. However, the government of Pakistan is planning of launching the service in other cities in the country and their launch date will be announced very soon.

At the moment the fee schedule is for official, diplomatic and ordinary categories. Here is the breakdown of each fee structure.

  • The fee for a 36-page e-passport with a 10-year validity will cost you Rs. 13,500. If required urgently, the fee will be Rs. 22,500.
  • The fee for a 72-page e-passport with a 5-year validity will cost you Rs. 16,500. If required urgently, the fee will be Rs. 27,500.
  • The fee for a 72-page e-passport with a 10-year validity will cost you Rs. 24,750. If required urgently, the fee will be Rs. 40,500.

The fees can be paid through an online system that was launched last year by the Government of Pakistan. You can pay for your e-passport in Pakistan by using the Passport Fee Asaan application or you can directly go to the official website made by the Government of Pakistan.

E-Passport in Pakistan

After the payment is made, an SMS and an e-mail will be sent to the person which will contain the proof of payment. You can download the Passport Fee Asaan application from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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