ECP Banned Recruitment for Government Job (Due to Elections)

ECP Banned Recruitment for Government Job announced after 1st April

Election Commission of Pakistan has put temporary Ban on the Government Job Recruitment. The ban is applied after the recruitment of 1st April. Only Federal and Public services commission recruitment process continue. The ban is placed due to upcoming elections 2018.

Getting a Government job is a dream for everyone. Everyone wants to get the job as soon as possible. But here is a bad news for such people. Government jobs have been banned by the ECP till the upcoming election in Pakistan. On Wednesday, Election commission of Pakistan announced to freeze the fresh government jobs in Pakistan. This an applied to all the public, government jobs. But one good news is that this ban is temporary and candidates will be hired after the generation elections.

Government job 2018

Which jobs banned:

  • All jobs including public service commissioned jobs are banned
  • All jobs including government jobs are banned
  • The jobs offered after 1st April 2018 are temporarily banned
  • The jobs whose interviews and tests are taken before 1st April are not banned
  • The recruitment Federal and Provincial Public service commission are not banned
  • Internship schemes such as (PEF and PYMST) are also not banned

Other projects banned:

  • All the development projects are also banned
  • Constructional projects are also delayed due to elections
  • Educational and other development scheme has been banned

Why banned the jobs:

This ban is placed due to the upcoming elections 2018. This bold decision was taken to make the election transparent and clear. Furthermore, all the funds are intended to invest in upcoming elections. The funds placed in the development and educational services are considered as the biggest hurdle.

The election authority said that they have banned the government jobs due to the election. They also announced that they are preparing voter details and after 24th April there will be no change in the voter details. The Punjab Education recruitment policy 2017-2018 are not affected by this ban.

There is a strong hope that, after the election, there will be no ban on the government jobs. But some resources said that the jobs can be put in the danger after the election. There is no clear statement about this. The final decision will be announced after the election.

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