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Entertainment world never sleeps in Pakistan. With all the gossips and whispers there is always something happening every moment in the world of entertainment. This is all the more reason to keep track of the latest entertainment news in Pakistan. Here at Beam.pk we take pride in letting our readers learn all about the entertainment world, from Pakistan and abroad.

The showbiz world of Pakistan is ever changing and full of controversy. It is never a dull moment when you hear about the entertainment  in Pakistan. It is really entertainment in Pakistan. From celebrity gossip, whatever the celebrities are doing and what they have been involved in and what shows and movies they are appearing in, we have all the news.

Not only that, we have all the latest news from Lollywood and everything related. Want to know what is going on in the world entertainment? The new movies that have blown away the Pakistani population, whether Hollywood, Bollywood, or Lollywood, we have it all right here at Beam.pk.

So stay tuned to Beam.pk and get the latest updates from the entertainment world of Pakistan. Whether it is drama, movie or celebrity controversy, we have all the entertainment news from Pakistan. We will keep you entertained as long as you stay here.

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