An Ex-Drug Addict, Convicted Felon Became A Millionare


Have you ever heard of fairy tales in which a person gets all the things he wants in the world? A fairy tale which usually ends up with the guy having all the good things? Now, you might be thinking life is not a fairy tale, right? Well, this article is just one of those fairy tales. A guy named Mr. Khalil Rafati.

A Brief intro on Mr. Khalil Rafati:

Mr. Khalil rafati used to be a drug addict and he was even convicted of a felony. On top of that he was facing a major crisis. A combination of work related problems and a recent death of his mother affected him in such a bad way that he almost, almost lost his path.

What happened:

Well, one day he took the initiative to change his life, for good. He went to a local juice center in Malibu named “Sun life Organics” to drink something other than Alcohol and this his how it all began. He instantly fell in love with the place, the drink, the setup and everything else. It was so good that he became a regular there and his love for the drink and the place grew more and more.

Then, something happened. Something that changed his life for good. One of his friends suggested him to invest in the organic juice business and perhaps this was the best advice given to him. He took the advice seriously and invested his savings in the juice business.

Now, you must be curios how this all happened right?

Well, let’s hear the whole story from Mr. Khalil Rafati himself.

Mr. Khalil Rafati even wrote a book named ” I forgot to die” just to share his story with the whole world. It’s a must read book if you are looking for a true inspiration.

The story shows us that no matter how difficult your life is, you can turn it around. You can achieve whatever you want but you just have to work for it. So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to become a millionaire. Go and take some action and change your life for good.!

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