Top 5 Leading Robots 2016


Robots can be categorized based on of their behavior with human beings, their adaptation to the environment, their reactions, and their support in doing daily routine tasks, their artificial intelligence and run time methods to analyze and solve problems. It’s not really far when robots will be assistance humanity in daily lives.

Let’s have a quick review of top 5 robots of 2016



Boston Dynamics is a robotics design organization owned by Google. They have developed a crazy outstanding robot known as Spot. Furthermore, the robot is a four-legged robot and uses sensors to find its directions around different paths and slopes.

Method 2 Robot


This giant 4-meter tall bipedal robot can host a human inside it and can take it to those extreme and dangerous places where humans can’t reach on foot.

Sew-bo Robot


It is one of its kind robots to sew small sections of garments. It not only weaves the fabric but also cuts the material into right desirable shapes.

LG Rolling Bot


This adorable and most interesting Robot is the smaller real version of our own BB-8 of Star wars. LG’s rolling bot is your personal security guard robot which moves around your home and guards when you are away. Moreover, the robot can be controlled remotely by using an application installed on your smartphones since the bot is always connected to the internet.

Honda Asimo


Honda Asimo can be considered as today’s “Transformer” and is world’s first ever powerful Robot ever built. It is 4 feet tall and weighs around 54 kg. Moreover, the user can input simple command lines Asimo and the robot can perform the intended assigned tasks.

Prototypes have already been developed by multiple Robotics companies. It’s not too soon that Robots will be at human’s service in less than a decade.

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