Experiment of Fastest Internet Speed at 1TB/Sec


Experts of Nokia Bell Labs, Deutsche Telekom and the Technical University of Munich have cooperatively performed the experiment to transfer the data with the speed of 1 TB (1024 GB) within just one second.

Although these types of experiments are also performed earlier but those are only successful on smaller distances, on increasing the distance the quality of the data is disturbed. This is the first time when actually the data is being transferred on such fast speed that too on longer distance. To achieve this speed the technique used is named as “Probabilistic Constellation Shaping” or it can be “PCS”. And data is transmitted on 30% more distance without affecting the quality of the data.5g

Despite of this successful experimentation to avail this technology we have to wait for long because to become a part of commerce fiber optical system to transfer the data on much larger distance with the same speed.

“Future optical networks not only need to maintain orders of magnitude higher capacity, but also the ability to dynamically adapt to channel conditions and traffic demand,” said Marcus Weldon of Nokia Bell Labs in a press release.

Global industry of telecommunication are trying to get business benefit from the 5 G and similar technology, where as trying to replace the current fiber optical system with some new technology but it needs much more time to achieve this. We should hope that to transfer the data 1 TB/Sec with fiber optical system will be possible in coming decades.

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