Could India and Pakistan go to war?


Since 1947, Pakistan is struggling for its defense. At the time of creation, Pakistan was separated as a democratic nation with very less of armed forces as divided unfairly. Pakistan Armed forces came into existence in 1947 to handle any mis happening such as war and terror.

After 1947, Pakistan has confronted his foes in 1965 as well as in 1971. Armed forces came into action whenever enemy tried for temptation in the country. And most of the time the enemy was none other than our neighbor India.


Today is the same circumstance made in Pakistan. Our military is having an operation against terrorists in the northern ranges of Waziristan and so forth. And hopefully, they are succeeded. On the other side, external enemies who want to disturb the peace of the country are planning against Pakistan.

However, during these days Indian army soldiers were killed in some terrorist act in India. India blamed Pakistan for that demonstration. It was just a terrorist act and Pakistan army as well as no agencies were involved in it. But our enemy thought that they have a chance for temptation and they can disturb our peace. So their leaders gave harsh statements against Pak Army and they are trying to set up a condition of war between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan is already in the state of war from last 10 years, this internal war is against terrorists. Army, as well as our people, has sacrificed their lives to attain peace in the country. However, if anyone needs some action we are ready as a nation.


We can say it proudly, that our army is ready to defend us as they have shown their devotion and love for the motherland in early times. Pak army troops are deployed to the borders with an excess of weapons to defend the country. The exceptionally prepared military aircraft have begun practicing to manage any kind of air assaults, in other words, the air force is super ready for air strikes and confronting the enemy.


This was the discussion about the defense, now, here if we take a look at future of both countries if there starts a war. Is it possible?  What will happen if the war starts?

What will be the outcomes if the war starts?

Every common man knows that almost every advanced country can use atomic power, so it’s really simple to conclude that if the war starts it would not be the war among these two countries but it would be the World War III. Because the higher authorities will never surrender and will use atomic bombs.


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