Facebook Introduces Group Audio and Video Call Feature


In 2016 Facebook launched its audio and video call feature into messenger along with stickers and animations. Now in 2018, the tech giant Facebook introduces group video and audio call for its users to make communication easier and rapid. This will be useful for long distance family and friends and also for business calls. The user can now communicate to its team by using this group feature.

This feature allows you to add up to 50 people at a time in audio and video call. But you can only watch the video of 6 people at a time and if the person exceeds to 6 the host video will be shown on all screens. It will look like attending a meeting lying in your bed and relaxing plus this feature is available for all Android and iOS users.

When you want to convert a regular call into a conference or group call, you need to click the button Add Person. The users will be shown the list of friends, so they can add various people by sticking to their names. The best thing is the filters and effects still available in video calls, you can use face filters in group calls too as you used to do without any errors and glitches

The face filters and effects always made the video calls fun and lively and Facebook users appreciated it too much because the found it lively. That is the reason they added these filters into group calls as well In case you are chatting with your group of friends. If anyone wanted to add any person to group call they need to disconnect the call to add more previously. But now you can add more persons in the ongoing call without disconnecting or interrupting it. So, go and enjoy this new feature by making group calls.

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