Facebook to Shutdown in Pakistan: Action Against Blasphemy


A petition has been filed in Islamabad High Court by the Civil Society in order to temporarily shutdown Facebook all over Pakistan till all blasphemous content is fully removed and is under control: ISLAMABAD

For the petition, Secretary Ministry of Interior, Secretary Ministry of Information and Technology, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) through its Chairman, Federal Investigation Authority through its Director General, Inspector General of Islamabad police and Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) have been cited as respondents.

It is claimed that blasphemous material in the form of writings, sketches and videos, is still being posted on Facebook.

While Chairman PTA responded that it might take about three weeks to close blasphemous pages. Because they are not equipped thus they cannot clean up the material instantly.

Petitioner in response said that if it is the case then PTA should block the site until this problem is overcome completely. Facebook is demanded to be shutdown meanwhile the blasphemous content is removed.

A nationwide movement will start against blasphemous content posted on site, Petitioner claimed. It is stated in petition that PTA chairman asserting that the blasphemous content is removed however it is still accessible in the form of drawings, writings and videos.

May 2010 Case

Earlier in May 2010, this case was handled strictly. It was ordered to all internet providers for close the site all over Pakistan as an opposing action against blasphemous content posted on facebook. Facebook was blocked in response to public outrage over a competition on the social networking site that encourages people to post drawings of the prophet Muhammad.

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