Top Ten most frequent asked Questions of Interview and their Answers


I am going to lay out top ten most frequent asked questions of interview and their answers that will surely help you in preparing for your interview. There are many questions which leave you blank and in order to cover your nervousness you utter whatever comes in your mind. But there are some questions which are expected to be asked thus today we will study this list of interview questions and their answer therefore you can tackle your interview questions with confidence. Once you thoroughly read them I am sure you will not do such mistakes which mostly job seekers do.  Lets’ get started

Tell me about yourself

This is most common question of the interview. It is rather than a question an opportunity to talk to interviewer. It is time to tell about your best part that is important for hiring you. Instead of reading your resume’ you should confine your answer to work related stuff. Your answer should not be comprises of unnecessary or irrelevant matter thus avoid details until you are asked about it.

Why did you leave the last Job

It is a sort of tricky question for you. You should focus on answer to give it in positive prospect. While talking about past you can begin like “In pursuit of better opportunities…” Most importantly do not ever speak against your last Job as “my boss compelled me for this change as he had bad behavior with me”.

What is your Weakness

When you are asked about your weakness it is not meant to be start listing your weak points. Well it is actually a trap because no one wants to give his weak point to lose the job opportunity. But you should stay genuine and tell silly weakness which is strength in disguise.

What is your strength

For strengths, pick the best which will make them think to hire you as they need you. A positive point and best capability which goes perfectly with the demands of post you are interviewed should be discussed.

Why should we hire you

You should not talk about any of your circumstances or personal issues. You have to speak in soft tone and deliver the message; as much as you need this job similarly company needs you. Do not compare yourself to other candidates.

Why have you been unemployed for such a long time

You can easily cover up yourself by telling them that you were engaged in any healthy activity or learning course which consequently helped you out in your career.

What do you know about us (Company)

For this answer you must have done some home work. Before going for interview you must study about the company profile. It will build up your knowledge.

Why do you want to work with us?

If you have done homework you can deal with this question easily. Interviewer is judging you how far it will be adjustable for you to fit in this company. You can tell it will be great experience to work here that will enhance the skills and it will allow to grow as a professional.

Do you find yourself successful?

It needs clever answer. You should clear that success doesn’t mean achieving the world. With the time goals and targets vary and therefore chasing them still continuous. Be précised and talk about your major achievement that make you stand apart.

What are the opinions of your co workers about you?

Briefly give the answer that includes the most common appreciable comments you received. It should not be detailed answer which sounds exaggeration.


It would be helping you out when you are preparing for interview hopefully. Summing up, Be confident and précised during interview.

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