Fake Sony, Samsung LED TV’s in the Market


Fake, Fake Sony, Samsung LED TV’s in the Market Fake, Fake Sony, Samsung LED TV’s in the Market Fake, Fake Sony, Samsung LED TV’s in the Market Nowadays in many shops across the country many retailers are selling a fake LED TV’s with name of Samsung, Sony &  LG.  The price of these TV’s are much less as compared to original branded products. There are various models available in the market and different models having different specifications.

In Samsung, these LED TV’s are available in 3D, Smart HD or only HD. The Smart functionality are based upon Android,  keep in mind there are no original Android TV from either Samsung, Sony or LG.  The branded Smart TV of LG based upon WebOS or previous UI,  and Samsung have their own software.

The shopkeeper’s are trying to insist customer’s that the all LED’s are original and the price is low because of smuggled items and these products are available in low price due to non payment of custom duty. And they are selling these fake models by showing Malaysian made and they keep insisting that these models are from Malaysia and original. But they are original Chinese and fake.

The picture quality seems to be a good,  Smart TV function works well because it’s based upon Android and play all video formats, And run internet with average speed. But when you check the original than you feel the difference of poor quality.

In Rawalpindi,  the “Muneeb Electronics” at Malikabad Shopping Mall, at Murree Road are selling these fake products and in Lahore and Karachi there are other vendors who are selling these fake products so openly. And creating the bad image on original brands. Samsung, LG and Sony should take legal steps to stop these fake products affiliated with their names and to save the money of customers. Not only LED’s these vendors are also selling Mitsubishi Air conditioners at very low price which are also fake.

The original models of Samsung, LG and Sony are only available at their own branded shops,  Samsung have their “Concept Shops” ,  LG have their own with name of “LG Brand Shop” and Sony have their own “Sony Centers” across the country. And there are other original models which haven’t launched in our country are also available at different shops without official warranty.

So,  if you want original product than you have to pay some more or if you want fake than you can get all features in much lower price but the reliability of the product will remain uncertain. In case of low budget its better to go for local brands rather than fake, i.e Orient or other well know Chinese brands i.e Haier ,Changhong or TCL.


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  1. Sir, these are pretty much the same. Just a poor quality software. You get what you pay for. I think you bought one of the same LEDs and now trying to defame sincere sellers 🙂

  2. On search i find few dealers selling in lahore with same price, when i asked why you are selling products on such lesser price, he replied we are WholeSales dealer and selling across Pakistan. (it was long argument BTW)
    right after an hour he Changed all his name address with same product offers. Thanks for the review.

  3. Yes you say 101% right some vendors in Pakistan are sells the Fake items with the name of Big brands. I’m not treated to buy any thing in local market I’m always recommend to buy from online shopping store which can sells only imported or branded products in Pakistan. like storemass.com in Pakistan and sells the WestPoint products in Pakistan >>> http://www.storemass.com/brand/westpoint-6489/

    • Android TVs are available in the market, but they are Chinese. And they are also smart. But the original smart tv by Samsung or LG don’t have Android OS. They have there own UI.

  4. I understand all but just want to share my personal experience that recently I m using samsung LED Fake TV, I purchased it @24,500/= size is 40 inches samsung brand name, It working awesome i think there is a lot of difference between 24500 and 50000. It’s also 1 year warranty by dealer.its suitable for low salaried employees. If I have no budget to take branded why should I wait? Rather than I will purchase Fake LED tv. If someone wants to take information feel free contact me at 0301-8655301 any time, I will give U even a wholesaler in Faisalabad.

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