HEC Crackdown: Fake/Illegal Institutes Declared by HEC

Once again HEC has taken strict action against the illegal institutions which are not certified. More than 79 private sector Universities in the province of Punjab have been declared as ghost universities by the HEC. Moreover, these institutes are said to be registered on paper. They also incorporate ghost students and faculty but have no physical existence.

Furthermore, an inquiry committee has been set up which will take action against the other illegal institutes aside from the 79 ghost ones. Federal Higher Education Commission (HEC) has declared over 100 institutes, universities and colleges to be illegal in the province of Punjab.
79 Institutes are Confirmed Fake, whereas, 15 others to be Investigated yet.

These 79 ghost universities also issue fake degrees to students. Sad to say, but our own people are ruining our nation’s future. In the first phase of the investigation, 100 Institutes were put on the suspect list. However, the first action led by Punjab HEC found 79 of the total 100 universities were ghost universities.

Moreover, the second phase will have them investigate 15 educational institutes affiliated with universities.

Because of grumblings by various students from these purported educational institutes, a party of senior vice chancellors has been constituted to investigate 4 private universities in Lahore alone.
Below are the four Institutes that are under investigation:
• Lahore Leads University
• Superior University
• Global Institute
• University of South Asia
Dr. Nizam-Ud-Din, Chairman HEC, says that students have been barred from going to any college or institute affiliated with a private university for admission.

Fake/Illegal Institutes to be Declared Soon

It ought to be noticed that there are various other fake colleges/universities/educational institutes in different regions too, as mentioned in the list provided by the Higher Education Commission.
There are 4 of these in Islamabad, 11 in KPK, 3 in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and 36 of them are in Sindh only.
The complete list is available on their website and can be accessed here.

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