The Famous Drama “Baaghi” Faces another Controversy

The famous Pakistani drama Baaghi is in gossips these days, as this drama has been pictured on the life of famous social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch. The producers gathered all the possible information from the family of Qandeel on which they made their drama which gone viral and became hit due to a reality-based story. As no one is unaware of the social media star who came from a small town to the city for modeling and became social media celebrity due to her controversial videos. Due to her inappropriate videos, his brother murdered her when she went home to meet them.

In the drama Baaghi they showed the other side of Qandeel’s life about how she suffered and why she chooses such way to earn money. Recently, this drama faces another controversy by the lawyer and social activist Nighat Dad claimed that the producers earn a lot of money from Qandeel’s story and didn’t give anything in return to her family who is poor.

She claimed that “well-intentioned efforts to highlight Qandeel’s cause, such as the Urdu One drama serial Baaghi, have exploited and misled her parents.” She further posted her statement, “Qandeel Baloch’s parents are going through a rough time, and they are spending whatever limited resources they have on going to Court regularly from Village (Shahsadruddin) to Multan. They are sick but still fighting back against the system.”


Right after the claims, the producer of Baaghi Nina Kashif posted her statement on social media and confirmed the news that all the rumors about Baaghi are baseless. Nina responds to the rumors that “proper permission for the drama serial from the parents, despite the fact that there were only a few incidents that were taken from Qandeel’s life.”

She stated that they granted proper permission by Qandeel’s family and signed the agreement in Urdu. They demanded amount in return which has been given to them. They provided to rights to channel to portray her whole story and give them liberty.

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