FarmVille Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Free Extra Coins


FarmVille was developed in 2009 by Zynga. Moreover, it is a farming simulation social network game. After its launch on Facebook in 2009, FarmVille became the most popular game on the site and held that position for over two years.

However, people are always researching about the cheats and the tricks to get free coins etc. As per the coin cheats are concerned there are some of the old coin cheats which no longer work.

Moreover, Farmville 2 Coins Cheat still work & it’s easy to rack up a lot of coins quickly. Furthermore, this Farmville 2 money hack will offer you free money and let you buy an unlimited number of items for coins.

The main concept behind this cheat or hack is to find you a cheap and easy recipe like “Half and Half” that only requires milk, and replace the code for it with a much more expensive recipe like Bass with Wild Mushroom which sells for 145,660 coins.

FarmVille Cheats

Let us list some of the replacements to try using Cheat Engine. There are various tactics which can be followed to end successfully.

  • First of all the best thing is to scan for e_rare_crafted_half_and_half (Half and Half)
  • Secondly, you can replace with e_rare_crafted_bass_mushroom (Bass with Wild Mushrooms)
  • Thirdly, scan for e_rare_crafted_lemon_water (Lemon Water)
  • Ultimately, replace with e_rare_crafted_bass_ginger (Ginger Bass)

This is all about replacing cheap items with expensive items to get more and more coins. Moreover, there are also many other methods such as

  • Using the tree method by replacing the fruit of a particular tree with your recipe of choice and then harvesting the tree.
  • There is also a great way to get a ton of coins fast by getting extra items if you harvest from a grove.


  • Scan for e_rare_tree_lemon_heirloom (Heirloom Lemon Fruit)
  • Replace with e_rare_crafted_bass_ginger (Ginger Bass)

Selling items is easy and just a piece of cake so sometimes there will be problems you have to face but don’t worry. Usually, it is easy to sell the items right away, but sometimes you may have to refresh. Warning – sometimes the tree fruit method will convert all of your saved fruit into the new item upon refresh, so be careful with it.

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