Why Freedom Package is Mandatory for PTCL Customer’s?

It is very shameful act by PTCL by giving forcefully freedom package to all new and old customer’s. PTCL first removed their line rent from existing numbers and on new connection PTCL forcefully add freedom package in it. If someone only want to use new connection for internet purpose then it can’t be possible.

In freedom package you can get unlimited PTCL to PTCL/Vfone calls in just Rs.Rs. 599 per month(for only landline use) and Rs. 250 per month with broadband.PTCL Freedom Package

Freedom Package Details:

  • Standard Off-Net, Mobile and International Calling Charges will apply
  • Also available on Opt In basis for existing customers
  • 100 Minutes to Ufone
  • Free PTCL to PTCL calls
  • Free CLI

PTCL discontinued line rent on all old and new customers but they are giving freedom package as default and customers can’t by pass that in any case.

Furthermore, if any new customer want to join PTCL network only for internet then they must pay freedom package charges; which are Rs.250 for broadband subscribers and Rs.599 for regular landline customers. PTCL should revise it for those who want only broadband and don’t need any calls from there landline. So that they can pay only broadband charges. There are advantages of this package but it shouldn’t be mandatory because those customers who want only internet or broadband can remove this bundle by their own choice.

Earlier PTCL was charging line rent and all local calls were made as per default plan but, now in freedom package customers can get free CLI which was charged earlier and 100 Ufone minutes.


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