How to Get Computerize Arms License from NADRA (All Weapon License)


Procedure for getting Computerize Arms License from NADRA

The weapon is the main need for the security conscious people due to the miserable and terrorist condition of the country. But if you want to use it legally, its compulsory to have a weapon license. To make the process even more crystal clear, NADRA has collaborated with the Interior Department of Punjab. The purpose of the collaboration is to generate the Computerize Arms License. The government has decided to renew all the manual arms license through the computerized. Therefore, it is predicted that the old arms license will soon be replaced with the computerized license.

Computerize Arms License Full Detail:

Here is the complete detail of Computerize Arms License. Read carefully and get your computerized license now.

Total Fee:

The total fee is 14,00 and it is for one or two years.

Renew your Arm License:

  • First of all, submit the fee in UBL Omni
  • Note that, the fee is for the whole year is not refundable for the license. You don’t have any right to claim for the fee refund.
  • Secondly, submit your arms license in the Deputy Commissioner Office (DCO) of your respective district.
  • Make sure, you have collected the deposit slip from the UBL branch where you have submitted the fee
  • Next, visit the nearest NADRA office or facilitation center
  • After that, submit all the documents in the office
  • Then, the application and documents will be taken under the verification process
  • Later, you will be given a token after attestation

Required Documents:

  • The Original deposit slip
  • The documents of candidates such as Domicile and CNIC (in case of a new license)
  • Original copy of old arms license (in case of renewal)
  • Two recent passport size photographs

Features of card:

  • Trackability of the owner through CNIC
  • Secure lamination of the card on both side with GOP Logo
  • The logos are visible under ultraviolet lights
  • The barcode readability
  • The integration of the license with another system through barcode
  • Secure documents through various security features in the card
  • The photo of the retainer on the back side of the card

Extra Security Features:

To make the license more secure, a bar code is added in the back side of the card at the bottom. This barcode helps to track the card when it accidentally lost or stolen.

Eligible Districts:

The facility of Computerize Arm License from NADRA is currently available in the following districts. However, it is predicted that it will soon be available in other cities too after the successful completion period in these cities.

  • Lahore
  • Sukkar
  • Islamabad
  • Sargodha
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Hyderabad
  • Karachi
Special Note:

Please Note that NADRA is renewing the applications for renewal of license. The applications for a new license will be open soon for the users. However, the cancellation of the arms license is also handled by them now.

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