To get electricity billing information Govt launches mobile app


Since a couple of years, Pakistan Government has played a vital role in adopting the latest technology in all fields. The government has been struggling to be a part of technology world by practicing different things and giving facilities to the nation. Just like other fields Pakistan government takes a new step for the public convenience, they have launched a mobile application for the information of electricity billing and supply situation of any public sector distribution company.

This application is named as “Roshan Pakistan” which works to convey detailed and rapid information about the billing and let the public to get real-time information about the energy sector. The users can calculate them throughout bill online by using this application. It also helps to give the complete information about the electricity usage, supply and billing and they also keep the record of that. Pakistan government tried its best to deal with power shortages and other issues according to Federal Minister of power division. Now they have taken a new step towards the betterment and advancement of power by considering the public facility and transparency.

However, this application includes the load-shedding schedule, billing information, net metering and bill calculator in English and Urdu languages. The users can monitor the load shedding schedule by entering the reference number of their electricity feeder. This app will allow the user to get the whole information; also if there is any problem in the related feeder they will be updated.

This would be the better step towards the transparency in the electric field which helps in various situations. Pakistan is now on the new way of technology, just like this new step we have many other fields who are working online and we also get the data at any time. This technology advancement is helping the nation and taking it to a next level.

How to Get Roshan Pakistan Mobile Application

To download Roshan Pakistan App, search “Roshan Pakistan” in your play store for Android and in App store for iOS and stay up-to-date with latest news about load shedding plan, current bill and many more.

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