Ghana Ali – Biography, Husband, Children and Dramas

Very few actresses have become as popular as Ghana Ali did from the very beginning of her career. Ghana made her debut in 2015 and since then, she has had a loyal fan base that supports her acting and modeling career as well as her personal life.

Ghana Ali

Known for her beautiful good looks and fantastic acting skills, Ghana rose to fame with her very first role and since then she has garnered the respect of her co-workers and the love of her fans. She has appeared in multiple films as well as dramas without putting a hold on her personal life.

Here is a complete look at Ghana Ali’s life, biography, dramas, and personal life.

Biography of Ghana Ali


Ghana Ali was born on 26th January 1994 in Lahore and her birth name is Ghana Ali Raza. She is currently 28 years old and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Although she was born in Lahore, she moved to Karachi to pursue her career as an actress and model, however, she does travel to Lahore to her family home often.

She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which is considered very tall for women as per the Pakistani societal standards. However, this height is perfect for models, which is why she pursued that career in the first place. She is the only person in her family to be in the media industry and has their full support of them.

Family and Parentage

Not much has been revealed about Ghana Ali’s family and her parents. Although they aren’t really hidden from the media and the cameras, they prefer to stay away from the limelight. It is common knowledge that her father Tahir is a successful businessman whereas her mother is a homemaker.

According to sources, Ghana is one of three children. She has a sister named Hira Zeeshan Malik and an older brother who doesn’t want to share his identity to the media.


Ghana Ali has kept her educational background hidden from the media and the fans. However, it is common knowledge that Ghana received her early education from a local school in Lahore and later went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in a subject of her choice from a reputed university in Lahore as well.


Ghana Ali surprised her fans when she announced she would be getting married soon. She announced her engagement to Umair Gulzar in May 2021 and since then the couple has been in news for one thing or another. After some rumors, Ghana revealed that Umair was already married and this was his second marriage. She said she was happy and fine with it.

Umair Gulzar is a millionaire businessman and already has a son from his first wife. He has been married to his first wife for 6 years now. Ghana and Umair announced they welcomed their daughter Faija Umair in November 2021.

Becoming an Actress

Ghana Ali started her career in 2015 with the drama serial Ishqaaway, but it wasn’t until she appeared in the drama serial Sangdil that she rose to fame. She modeled during her acting career and has worked for various brands. She even walked for mega designers during Bridal Couture Weeks and Fashion/Style Weeks,

She has appeared in various dramas and films. Here is a list of all the dramas she has appeared in.

Year Drama Role
2015 Ishqaaway
2016 Main Kamli
2016 Aap Ke Liye Areesha
2016 Sangdil Zobia
2016 Dharkan Esha
2016 Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi Shiza
2016 Besharam Saba
2016 Ahsas Maryam
2016 Jaan’nisar Saara
2017 Be Inteha Zara
2017 Sun Yaara Tania
2017 Sawera Sawera
2017 Bedardi Saiyaan Baila
2017 Agar Tum Saath Ho Maria
2018 Ustani Jee Abeera
2018 Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga 4 Hania
2018 Saaya Maheen
2018 Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja
2018 Kyunke Ishq Baraye Farokht Nahi
2019 Hania Maira
2019 Choti Choti Batain
2019 Bhool
2020 Dil Ruba Natasha
2020 Saraab
2020 Mohabbatain Chahatein

Here are all the movies and films she has appeared in.

Year Movie Role
2017 Rangreza Saba
2018 Maan Jao Na Selena
2019 Kaaf Kangana
2019 Sirf Tum Hi To Ho
2020 Gawah Rehna TBA
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