The Golden Rule of E-commerce Website Design


Looking to make your big break in the e-commerce industry? Then you are at the right place. No one is oblivious to the importance of web designing. The designing and business world have always shared the space and with the accelerating importance of data they are now completely intertwined together. Everyone agrees that it plays an integral part in maintaining a strong online presence of the businesses. Therefore before wasting any more time check out the 6 golden rules of e-commerce web designing to boost your business sales.

Golden Rule no 1: Keep It Simple

The e-commerce web designing key principle is to abandon the components that add complexity to your website. Try to keep it simple, especially the transaction part where the customer is to make payment. It is crucial as nobody wants complication in it, and if there are then you are most likely to frustrate the user and who might never return to your site again. The main purpose of an e-commerce site is to allow the user to easily process all the information and take the desired action of making a purchase without having to go through scrolling different sections in a physical shop. Therefore, invest in a design that keeps the procedure simple and hassle-free for the user which also makes your site preferable among others.

Golden Rule no 2: Show the Order Process

The second golden rule not only helps you increase sales but also builds transparency about the business among individuals. The idea is to track the progress of the transaction made, which in return keeps the user-patient and updated on it. The web design should allow the company site to host the linear procedure through which the clients can get the relevant information about the order process and the time duration. Adding this feature to your e-commerce site makes it more preferable among the others in the industry, also increasing your customer base.

Golden Rule no 3: Ensure Safe Payments

No one can deny the importance of this rule. This rule allows businesses to be transparent about the transaction mode and share the relevant details about the various payment methods available. Disown the complicated process of the transaction and instead adopt a simple process to provide assurance to the individual that it’s safe. This assurance helps boosts the image of the company’s trustworthiness. It could be done by directing the customer to the privacy policy that is enhanced because of the web design. This further makes the process feasible for the customer. Design the site in a way that shows the product description and review, Also make sure that you provide a section for the testimonial of various clients to enhance the business functionality and build your credibility in the market.

Golden Rule no 4: Give Choices

We love choices, don’t we? The ability to have various options and then to select a particular one makes us happy. Therefore, this rule is all about that. It requires the company to come up with a certain web design which makes the user control the purchases made. Sometimes customer makes the relevant purchases and realizes later his or purchasing capacity after adding the items in his or her cart. Therefore, allow them the choice of purchasing those items at a later time and let them be saved in the cart. By doing so, they will mostly return to complete the purchases they initially planned on doing.

Golden Rule no 5: Be Creatively Familiar

You may be thinking what kind of rule is that two completely opposite terms liaison together? Let me tell you that it’s the magic of this phrase. We all interact with thousands of website if not on daily basis then weekly. We are familiar with where the support option will be and where FAQ’s would be available, right? This familiarity in design is essential even if we are being innovative with the e-commerce web design. Being creative by keeping these things as your cornerstone will help you offer a solution that makes it both compelling and convenient for the user when engaging with your e-commerce site. Don’t go completely out of way, but understand the user’s mindset and then make predictions. The ability to describe something and make predictions is not at all the same thing as understanding them. Therefore, keep this thing in mind when designing a web for providing an e-commerce solution.

Wrapping it Up

The maintenance and up gradation of the website is as important as its formation. However, there are many few web designing companies in Pakistan that truly realize its value. These golden rules are essential if we want to gain a large consumer database and a name in the online e-commerce industry of the world.

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